Q and As with Arcade Made

First up, who are Arcade Made and how did you guys end up making music together?

Arcade Made is comprised of Georgia on drums, Vinnie on vocals and bass and myself on vocals and guitar. We’ve always been a three piece, the first time we got together was for a school music assignment when we were twelve years old. It’s turned into a pretty overdue assignment.

I love a name with a little bit or rhyming going on, such as Arcade Made. What is the story behind the name?

We decided on Arcade Made after playing together for a few years under the affectionately bestowed title, The Band. I think we’d just got hold of the first Klaxons and Foals albums, and realised that using irrelevant words sounds cool sometimes. We thought exactly that of “Arcade Made” when Vinnie suggested it to us. We said “man that’s clever”. In hindsight, it’s not very clever, but it still rolls off the tongue nicely.

Which bands have had the biggest influence on the music you make?

The influences are many between the three of us, but the big ones would have to be Interpol, Youth Group, The Killers etc. Recent bands really.

How do you go about writing your music? What influences do you call on for inspiration?

I don’t think we’re ever intentionally influenced or inspired. Our best songs happen when we’re feeling mutually shitty and frustrated. I guess I call on a foul mood to write a decent song. Vinnie and I tend to write songs separately and then sort of present it to the other two. If it’s a thumbs up, then we get to work on it as a collective. Not everything we write suits the band, of course.

Say somebody stumbles across Arcade Made grooving through one of your sets. How are people going to describe your sound and live show to their mates?

“Exciting, energetic, bold”. I’m paraphrasing here, but these are the more flattering of descriptions we’re given after our shows. A lot of people are surprised when they come to see us and realise we’re a rock band. I think the most flattering I’ve heard in recent times was being told that what we do is “rare”. I thought that was a lovely way to be described, presuming it was a positive thing.

A little birdie/facebook told me that you got pulled over for an RBT and got out of it by handing over some free EPs to the coppers. Is there now an increased police presence at your gigs?

Yeah this one’s actually a true story. I was driving home from rehearsal and they obviously didn’t like the look of the big white band van driving around at midnight. They had a snoop around; I explained the van, the tour posters on the passenger’s seat. I offered an EP, you know, spreading the word and all, and they were bloody chuffed. I don’t think they get a lot of CDs while they’re conducting RBTs, which I personally find very surprising. They just told me to get home safe and forgot about the breath test. I like to think they keep it in the car and put it on during hot pursuits.

Latest single ‘Shoot The Pricks’ is an absolute gem. What’s the story behind this tune?

My understanding of the song, although Vinnie wrote the lyrics, is that it speaks about young manhood. Taking responsibility, asking yourself some big questions, but still being in a state of adolescence where you just want to do whatever the fuck you like. That’s what the song’s always felt like to me. Ironically it’s definitely a song that helped us mature as a band. It’s one of four from our debut EP, We Were Famous, available for listening at Police Beat.

There are rumours of some live shows coming up. Where and when will you be playing?

Gold Coast and Byron Bay have our single launch in April, but our Brisbane single launch is happening at Alhambra, Thursday 16th May with a couple of soon to be announced acts. One from Tasmania and one from Sydney. We intend to have a lot of fun.

2013 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for Arcade Made, will we be lucky enough to have any more music releases?

Definitely. We’re in the studio again in a couple of weeks with an amazing young producer named Tristan Hoogland. He’s helping us with some new singles, the songs are really different so poor Tristan’s got his work cut out for him. you’ll have plenty to listen to I assure you.


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