Jinja Safari – Plagiarist and Oh Benzo

Everybody’s favourite indie poppers Jinja Safari have come back to the foray with two new singles called ‘Plagiarist‘ and ‘Oh Benzo‘.

Taken from their impending debut self-titled album, ‘Plagiarist’ and ‘Oh Benzo’ continue Jinja Safari’s awesome run of jaunty fun loving tropical singles. ‘Plagiarist’ is classic Jinja Safari, chilled, hazy and a little bit eclectic. Yet I cannot feel that ‘Oh Benzo’ is where it is at. ‘Oh Benzo’ is perhaps the more exciting of the two singles featuring some amazing grooving bass lines and layered falsetto work. It really shows the talent Jinja Safari have and the diversity in their sound. It still has that distinct Jinja Safari vibe and feel, but that bass line is something special and has me super excited for that well overdue album to drop!

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