Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardner

King of slacker-pop tunes, Courtney Barnett, has recently released her cool new single ‘Avant Gardner‘.

‘Avant Garde’ is the  perhaps the ultimate description of Courtney Barnett, who is one hell of a lyricisit,  so I was sold upon seeing the appropriately named play on words title, ‘Avant Gardner’. Aside from a super clever title, Barnett shows she has a way with writing ear catching lyrics, with ‘Avant Gardner pretty much providing a how to guide to gardening, and so many great drug references it would entice either the junkie or pharmacology student in all of us, all whilst giving a fantastic account of how mundane life can be.  I love the matter of fact, near lethargic delivery and backing of simple cascading guitars and delicately pulsing drums. ‘Avant Gardner’ is one of those songs that’s so chilled, it is actually ice cold.

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