Groovin The Moo Review – Bendigo

For a sold out show, you expect big crowds, high energy and exciting performances. Groovin The Moo in Bendigo didn’t disappoint and lived up to its expectations.

A much smaller area was used compared to other festivals such as Big Day Out and Future Music Festival, and Groovin The Moo was packed yet the vibe was electric as crowds streamed into the front gates. A stellar lineup had grasped the attention of a large age group, with it being an all ages festival, all different kinds of people from different age groups wandered around the grounds, some in various animal onesies and costumes. I saw two girls cleverly dressed in cow onesies and I even saw the pope.

But costumes aside, everyone was there for the music. I was lucky enough to catch Last Dinosaurs up first, their energy and melodic guitars wooing the crowds, playing such hit tracks such as ‘Andy’ and ‘Weekend’. The somewhat early morning in Bendigo did not keep people away, with a big crowd showing up from 11am. The weather had been cold and cloudy in Melbourne, but luck was on Groovin The Moo’s side as the sun and a completely clear, blue sky graced Bendigo for this sold out music festival.

As the day continued on, other outstanding Australian music acts captivated audiences, with Alpine’s liveliness and beautiful harmonies to Seth Sentry’s flowing Aussie rap, with the whole crowd screaming “Where’s my hoverboard!?”

But as day turned to night, the dark brought a chill and bitter wind, which made girls who had worn shorts and singlets suddenly wished they’d packed a jumper.

The cold didn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves though, and it definitely didn’t stop the music from gracing everyone’s ears, vibrating out and warming up the crowd. There is no way you could not enjoy and groove as Tame Impala hit the stage, the world famous lads from Perth could do no wrong as their performance was flawless, with people dancing and slowly swaying to the droning guitars and echoing vocals. The screen behind them provided beautiful and crazy eye-gasms, which suited perfectly to their music. Screens, lights and lasers alike were present at GTM, and the highly anticipated performance of Flume was not void of these extravagant enhancers. Flume’s top hits ‘Holdin On’, ‘Sleepless’ and ‘On Top’. We were all packed in like sardines under the cleverly named Moolin Rouge tent, and the cold was completely diminished as everyone sang along to their favourite tracks by twenty-one year old Harley Streten.

The day of complete and utter amazing music, providing outstanding Australian talent was not over yet, with The Temper Trap absolutely killed it, with ‘Fader’ being one of my favourites of the entire day, as everyone boogied and swayed, clearly enjoying the atmosphere that The Temper Trap create with their flawless sounds. ‘Sweet Disposition’ was another wonderful track that was played by these Aussie legends, and at the back of the drinking area a crowd of

about 30 people had begun a flash mob by following this one man’s dance moves. Definitely the most fun of the night.

Groovin The Moo has delivered again with a wonderful lineup, an amazing atmosphere and the feeling of safety whilst still being able to enjoy yourself.

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