Carrie Phillis and The Downtown Three – Spend It With You

Coming out of the NSW Illawarra region is the promising retro sounds of Carrie Phillis and The Downtown Three, who have a gem of a track called ‘Spend It With You‘.

‘Spend It With You’ is an epic track draped in reverb and plucky basslines. The cute message underlying this song is just a bonus that turns ‘Spend It With You’ from a tune with sweet beatles-esque vibes into a feel good track that you want to listen to over and over again. Having had under a thousand hits on youtube, and only a couple of spins on the Js, I can’t help but feel this is a band that have somewhat been missed, despite their clear potential. The return of that 60s reverb dominated sound has been prolific in Australian indie rock, but Carrie Phillis and The Downtown Three manage to do it much better than the rest. Be sure to check out their debut EP which is more than a nice little debut.


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