Gay Paris – Ash Wednesday

Coming out of the hustle and bustle of Sydney is heavy hitters Gay Paris and their new tune ‘Ash Wednesday‘.

Gay Paris deliver a more than interesting mix of screamo and roots, with the clear bluesy undertones opposed by the deep screeching vocals of ‘Wailing H Monks’. Armed with some grooving basslines and thundering drum work, ‘Ash Wednesday’ is pretty heavy and brings a real amount of kick to your eardrums. They remind me a little of a much more intense and deranged version of The Snowdroppers, with the metal influences of Gay Paris clearly separating the two. They also put on a crazy live performance, with beards that challenge The Beards, and an energy that would have most doctors prescribing them Ritalin, they are one band regardless of your tastes you should catch live. Overall, ‘Ash Wednesday’ is a pretty solid rock tune and leaves you wondering how two genres on opposite ends of the spectrum can combine so well.

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