Emma Birdsall – Never In A Million Years

After making herself known to Australia on The Voice, Emma Birdsall has released a new single called ‘Never In A Million Years’.

Co-written with Josh Pyke and Lee Groves, ‘Never In A Million Years’ channels a distinct jazzy swing vibe to it. Its soft on the ears, and has this nice delicate uptempo beat just driving it along. ‘Never In A Million Years’ probably falls closer towards the Meg Mac end of the spectrum, being not brassy enough to draw comparisons with other breakthrough Aussie acts such as Sasquatch, but is a nonetheless promising debut. The other thing is that the swinging beat makes it a prime candidate for some remixes to start popping up, I can already imagine some chilled house versions in my mind. Its safe to say that Emma’s delightfully soft and angelic vocals make this song, and could almost be prescribed as a form of stress relief they are that sweet. Safe to say, I am definitely looking forward to the next installment from Emma Birdsall.


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