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Wolf & Cub – I Need More

Wolfand cub

Wolf & Cub have returned with a top notch new tune called ‘I Need More‘ ahead of their first album release in four years.

Wolf & Cubs newest single is a punchy upbeat piece of indie rock awesomeness. Armed with a scorching baseline and a some pretty catchy ‘oooh’s, ‘I Need More’ is a heart racing track that is absolutely throbbing with Rock n’ Roll. If you don’t fall in love with this track upon the first listen, there must be something wrong with you. An absolutley electrifying jam from the indie rock veterans, whose third album ‘Heavy Weight’ due out in mid September.


Tully on Tully – Quiet Company


Returning with a new single  called ‘Quiet Company‘ is Melbourne’s Tully on Tully.

Fronted by the incredible vocals of Nat Foster, this five piece have produced another belter of a track with ‘Quiet Company’. Underpinned by a high pitched looping key pattern, the earthy and slightly eerie sounds that Tully on Tully have become renowned for appear once again, albeit it in a slightly lower tempo than ‘Stay’ or ‘Naked’. I must admit the slightly calmer, less busy instrumentation in this track is a nice change, but as always it is Nat Fosters vocals that make this so pleasant on the ears. Here’s to more from these guys.


OXBLVD – Gotta Get Away


Sydney’s OXBLVD are back with another sweet folk rock tune called ‘Gotta Get Away‘.

After the success of previous single ‘My Lady’ (featuring Iluka), ‘Gotta Get Away’ signals that OXBLVD is only going from strength to strength. The track opens with an absolute ripping guitar riff that has you fully sucked into the tune from the outset. Add the eventually kick into a southern soaked blues drenched vocal drawl and driving beat and you have a track that you cannot get out of your head. ‘Gotta Get Away’ does have some inevitable similarities to fellow blues rockers The Rubens, but announces itself as being a little heavier, more bluesy and really focused on the dirty side of roots rock. Another belting tune from the Northern Beaches boys.


Grizzly Jim Lawrie – Midnight Run


Melbourne’s Grizzly Jim Lawrie has released a tasty little track called ‘Midnight Run‘.

‘Midnight Run’ is a pretty sweet dreamy pop number that is very easy for the ears to digest. So relaxed and chilled, it just ambles along in a Bon Iver-esque manner that just takes you off guard and leaves totally unable to pin down how long the tune actually goes for. All you know is that when it finishes, you are pretty eager for more. Having received a fair bit of Unearthed support and airtime for Jim Lawrie’s solo project, a term used loosely as it features members of New Gods, Buckley Ward and The Toot Toot Toots, it is only a matter of time until Grizzly Jim Lawrie erupt in mainstream popularity.

Tired Lion – Desperate

Tired Lion

 WA band Tired Lion have returned with a new single called ‘Desperate‘.

‘Desperate’ , channels The Grates a little in my eyes, in its rangy nature dominated by the lead singers emphatic vocal talents. I love its reverb soaked guitars and the way it manages to provide a really natural and carefree vibe despite possessing multiple layers to the instrumentation. Aside, its just one of those tracks you listen to and go, “yep, that’s pretty cool”. In short we dig it.


Sons of Rico – Get To You


WA’s premier psychedelic pop rockers Sons of Rico have returned with a belting new tune called ‘Get To You‘.

Upon the first listen, I fell in love with this track. There is so much to like, starting with the way the guitars just grind and flow so effortlessly over one another. It just creates this killer wall of sound that remains so damn catchy. Add the vocals which are super sweet without being sickly so, and ‘Get To You’ is building into quite the solid tune. However it is the fun loving, mates jamming vibe that makes it so good. Its been flawlessly touched up without even the slightest hint of being overproduced. Sons of Rico’s last album was epic, and this first single is suggesting their follow up won’t be too shabby either. 

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