Q and As with Dubmarine

First up, who are Dubmarine and how did you guys end up making music together?

It’s really a love of trombone that brought us together. Sure, there’s the more ‘correct’ answer: that we’ve all been playing out of West End for the better part of a decade in various combinations, but when you get right down to it we’re all about trombone.

Dubmarine is a pretty cool name, what is the story behind it?

I’m still not sure that Dubmarine SHOULD be our name. If it were up to me it would LUGmarine. So much gear to cary around from drums to synthensisers. Needless to say we can fill up a tour bus quickly!

Which bands have had the biggest influence on the music you make?

Bass culture is a driving force at the moment.There’s so many fresh sounds being created around the world at the moment and the sounds and styles emanating from within bass culture are really resonating with us. That said, recently we learnt and performed the Prodigy’s ‘Fat of the Land’ at the Powerhouse in Brisbane. I feel that all of us having to learn how to wield synths for that show started to really open us up to a more electronic presence in our sound.

Being a 10 piece [nine piece band + our sound man] does that bring on nine times the talent for songwriting or is it a case of too many chefs in the kitchen and the responsibility falls to one or two of the members?

The work ethic in Dubmarine is huge and we’re incredibly lucky to have two songwriting machines in our family. Between Kazman and J A, strong new ideas arrive regularly whether as new song ideas or new segues / upgrades to the set. My favourite element of our writing process is how freely the ideas are handed to the rest of the band, whoever has had the initial idea. It seems rare to witness writers who can release an idea openly and let others contribute to shaping the end result. In our case this attitude of release has made writing as a group a positive experience for everyone and often revealed potent options within our music and the sound as a whole.

You guys have a whole lot going on with a bit of dubstep, reggae, hip hop, dancehall and rock all meshed together in your tunes. If you had to give your sound a name or its own genre, what would it be?

Bass, Energy, Concious, Global. – ‘Kazman’

Say somebody stumbles across Dubmarine doing a set. Firstly, do all nine of you fit on stage? Secondly, how are people going to describe your sound and live show to their mates?

After so much time in the van, we’ve HAD to become comfortable being in venues of all shapes and sizes. The only downside on a smaller stage is that the chances of Kazman busting a backflip diminishes. As far as describing the show? As a fan of Dubmarine BEFORE getting the call to play keys, I used to describe it as 9 of the best musicians and performers I’d ever seen pushing themselves and the sound as far as possible with massive energy, from love. It’s also KILLER to dance to.

Your tunes (Beat in Control, Point the Bone, Unconditional, etc) have got numerous spins on Triple J, what is it like to hear your music on the radio for the first time? Does the novelty wear off at all, the more your music gets played?

Honestly, I’m ALWAYS chuffed. It still feels surreal to me. But not just to hear Dubmarine’s music coming through. For years West End has been actively making it happen as a community. It feels like everything is coming together and it’s been awesome to see bands like Kingfisha, MKO, the Chocolate Strings, Laneous & the Family Yah, the Upsteppers etc releases being received so well on a more national scale.

Your second album is rumoured to be out later this year. How long do we have to wait and what can we expect the second time round?

I can’t wait! The album is sounding MASSIVE, thanks to the efforts of Magoo and Paulie B (Tanuki) in the studio. For our first album (Depth of Sound) we really wanted to embrace the studio and release the results of exploring within. For this new album (which is due mid year and will see us on the road touring it August/September) it’s all about capturing Dubmarine’s live effect. It’s going to be a monster!

There are rumours of some live shows coming up. Where and when will you be playing?

The rumours are true! It’s already been a great year for shows. The “BEAT IN CONTROL” Single Launch tour has already taken us all over Australia and even to Cape Town in South Africa. Don’t worry though! No need travel so far to catch a show. This weekend we’re in Victoria to play the Apollo Bay Festival along side Bobby Alu, Oka, etc, and next week is the final leg of this single tour in Byron at the Great Northern with our friends Kingfisha and the Chocolate Strings. Then we begin cranking it for the album tour in August/September.

2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Dubmarine, what is it you’re most excited for?

I’m so glad we survived 2012. This year has been an incredible experience already. I’m looking forward to seeing how the album effects everyone. I’m definitely excited about touring it. What I’m most excited about though is where this next cycle will land us as a band. It feels like it’s just the beginning.

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