Matt Corby – Resolution EP Review

Matt Corby has returned with his eagerly anticipated new EP ‘Resolution’.

Having already released two singles, that almost everyone has come to hear and love, it only left half the EP in any doubt. And after one listen, that doubt was gone.

Matt Corby has shown that he has a real ability for making brooding, heavy, emotional songs and the Resolution EP continues to highlight this talent. Whilst the EP doesn’t contain songs that are as accessible as his previous hit ‘Brother’, I think Matt Corby has really developed his sound and provided an album of mature substance. Whilst his husky vocals remain a highlight on each of the four tracks, he is no longer reliant on his voice as his main instrument. Instead this new EP sees Matt Corby shine, being propped up fantastically by heavy bellowing beats, catchy rustic guitar patterns and a much more complete and tighter instrumental sound.

My favourite song of the EP is the currently unreleased ‘Lay You Down’, which is underpinned by this eerie violin pattern that just draws you into the full emotion of the song. Again Corby’s vocals are a highlight, but delivered so sparsely that they almost have a greater effect than when they form the lynch pin.

A fantastic brooding EP that is sure to please the die hard Matt Corby fans and draw some new ones in.


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