Andy Bull – Baby I Am Nobody Now [Update]

Indie electro whizz Andy Bull is back with another new single called ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now‘.

After the super catchy and successful single ‘Keep On Running’, ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ is another taste of the forthcoming debut album and has cemented Andy Bull as one of Australia’s rising musical acts in 2013. Whilst the formula from ‘Keep On Running’ hasn’t changed to much, with plenty of clever breaks and plenty of bass heavy synth, it still hits the ears nicely. ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ is clever re-arrangement of the same instruments with a slightly heavier and more emotional guise and a notable lack of the previous upbeat nature present in the last single. A song that grows on you with every listen, ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ is another sweet tune from Andy Bull with a wicked video too!

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