The Preatures – Manic Baby

Sydney ‘it’ band The Preatures have released their second single for the year called ‘Manic Baby’.

Fans of current single ‘Is This How You Feel’ will be glad to hear that The Preatures have continued to add to the disco vibes of their music in ‘Manic Baby’. In a recent interview with Gideon from The Preatures (posted shortly) he talked of their desire to continue to make music that fans can dance to at their shows. ‘Manic Baby’ does exactly that, with a real 80s disco feel that particularity channels a real Bee Gees-esque sound with those grooving bass lines. I am a huge fan and think that The Preatures continue to get better and better since their shift from their equally entertaining Americana sounds. New ‘Is This How You Feel’ EP is out now, and rocks – so check it out.

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