Interviewing The Preatures

We last spoke to you following your ‘Shaking Hands’ EP last year. I imagine the last year has been a whirlwind, what have the highlights been.

 I don’t know, recording this EP was huge highlight as was all the touring, both this tour and the previous tour. Its really been a bit of a blur this year I have got to be honest, everything has been moving so quickly, and I would like to stay more in the moment. But things happen and you just have to go with it. Probably this EP was the highlight of the year though.


Given that everything has been going so quickly, and been such a blur, have you been able to enjoy the process at all?

Most of us are still working a day job on the side, so when we have finished touring its back to that, so everything is like constant. we haven’t really had the time to sit back and just reflect on what has happened or what we have accomplished or achieved. So yeah, you kind of just sprung that on me then, and now I’m looking back and I’m a bit like ‘wow’.


‘Is this How You Feel’, has been the song that everybody is listening to so far this year. What is the story behind the song, and how did it all end up coming together?

That kind of came about from the Luke and Tom, the drum and bass player just started jamming together. Tom came up with bass riff providing that groove, and Izzy just came up with this melody really quickly and then Jack came up with the chorus. Izzy just dove into and all of sudden she was like ‘Gideon try this’. It was all like ‘woah alright’. It was just really organic and that’s really how the song came about. Then we just went through and edited it and just kind of put the touches on it.


Pitchfork media called it “One of the years best choruses”, and ‘The stuff worldwide hits are made of” by KCRW. So Have you been amazed at the response it has received, especially considering how organic it was?

Yeah, I think so. It’s been incredible the response its had. People have just been jumping on board and getting behind it.


‘Is This How You Feel’ has even been remixed by the Classix DJs. How did that come about, and did you get to help.

That came about through nothing we did, it was pretty much record labels and managers talking and it was arranged. We just sent it off and they had an idea and they just took it and ran with it. In essence they had an idea about what the song was about and where we had come from. And then they just put their own spin on it doing what they do, and sent it back and where like ‘what do you think?’. We were like that’s pretty awesome.


So you’re a fan?

Yeah. It took me a while to get into, but after a couple of listens I kind of got it and was like ‘yeah this is great’.


Does this help open your music to people who aren’t into the alternative music scene?

Yeah I think so, definitely. When we recorded this EP we were in need of something that might perhaps open those doors to us and make us a little more accessible.


New single ‘Manic Baby’ has just dropped? I’ve had a listen and I’m sensing a real BeeGees-esque vibe going on – Staying Alive. What influenced the sounds that we are hearing on this track?

Yeah it does, the Bee Gees were taken into account when we did that. It was pretty much the whole 70s disco vibe we were chasing and looking to make. Then we just put our own spin on it.


Is there a story behind this tune too, was it as organic as TIHYF?

Nah kind of. This came about when Jack started off with the intro bit and we all sort of just got into it.


We’ve touched on the first two singles, but obviously you also have a new EP out. HOw do you describe this EP as a whole?

How would I describe this as a whole. Well, its groovy, its dancey. It’s something we were really pushing for this time around. Its groovy and people can move to and I think the last EP was quite different, being more about the songs and Americana vibe. But this time we just wanted something people can move to.


Given the changes in popularity and you aims you just touched on, Did your approach differ to your second EP than Shaking Hands?

We did, we recorded this EP all by ourselves in our own studio in Sydney so we didn’t have the time constraints we had last time. We were kind of free to experiment and play around and really work and try and shock things. Break things down. If you had an idea in the middle of the night you could go in and nut it out. It makes a huge difference to be able to just sit there and record and not having to worry about having things done by a certain time.


What conditions should we be immersing ourselves in to get the most out of listening to your EP?

Well everyone is different so everybody is going to enjoy it differently. I have a setup at home so I can do my own things at home away from the band and look at where it is coming from. But,  it does depend on the person. I always like feeding off other people, so showing to someone and hearing what they think and then taking that away and looking at what they think. Its always good to have someone to bounce off. Then everyone’s different some like working on their own, others outside you need to do what’s right for you.


You are touring off the back of the EP, are you excited to play the EP live considering the reaction the singles have got?

Yeah we are definitely excited considering the reaction we have had to both singles. It has been amazing so we are excited to get out and play it and note the reception. It has already been crazy for ‘Is This How You Feel’, so hopefully ‘Manic Baby’ will do the same.


Where are you going and who are you taking with you as supports?

So we are going around the whole country east coast west coast and we are taking Chela with us as our main support. She is this dance chick, she has electronic vibes and puts on a real show. She will be our main support and then we are just picking up different bands in each city. But I am excited for the Sydney Show. Love our home shows.


Its also been announced that you guys will be touring the US and Europe towards the end of 2013. How do you feel about/ are you loving the irony that given the tongue in cheek lyrics of your breakthrough single ‘Take  A Card’ (“Call me when you get to LA”).

Well we recorded the first EP in LA, and that was weird again. but this time it means so much more knowing that we are going to play LA and meet other people over there who are keen to see us and interested in working with the band, and all of that. It’s really encouraging. I’m a little scared, a bit like ‘shit’s about to get real’ haha.


With the last year being such a blur, have you been able to enjoy other music that has come onto the scene?

Yeah I have been scouring for new music. I think that when you’re writing songs, or anything like that you need to be looking to other people to see what they are doing. I have kind of been listening to some 70s  stuff again and another guy called Matt di Marco, who’s kind of a cool singer song writer. Love Wilco, always been a big fan of Wilco. I always listen to stuff like that, and I also really love Americana music.


What is next for The Preatures?

I guess an album, that would be what we would all love. That is what we are working towards. We have actually started writing some stuff that is to come and we’re using the free time we have at the moment to keep working. That is the desire we have, to get our debut album.


You mentioned before about this shift from Americana to 70s Disco sounds, will there be a further shift in your sounds for the debut?

We will have to wait and see. I don’t know, its hard to say because you know everyone is influenced by different things and when you are in a band, somebody is always going to add their own little flavour to things especially when there is 2 or 3 people steering a song. Luke is quite accommodating of the 90s, and so maybe some Stone Roses vibes or something like that. Or there could be some synth brought in. You really just don’t know. But at the moment I think we have found our thing.


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