Gig Review: The Paper Kites, Georgia Fair and Robbie Miller at Metro Theatre Saturday, September 31st

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to experience another live show by The Paper Kites at the Metro Theatre in Sydney. I was pretty excited to catch the band and hear them play through their new album ‘States’ which was released this week, for the first time live. Having heard a couple of new tracks such as lead single ‘St Clarity’ and next single ‘Young’ I thought I had an idea of what to expect. Turns out I didn’t.

We came in just to see Robbie Miller close out his show. It was a shame we only caught the last two songs, as by all accounts he put on a great show, and on since following up seems to be a pretty talented song writer, having won the Triple J Unearthed National Indigenous Music Award. So be sure to get there early if you are attending any future shows, as I can assure you there is nothing worse that catching only a glimpse of talent before they rise to fame.

Georgia Fair then came onto the stage. I hadn’t seen these guys in ages and it was great to hear the classic workings of Georgia Fair hit my ears again. Although it was strange seeing the guys as a two piece and drummerless, they put on a great indie folk show and their tunes are sensational. I hope these guys have some new material coming out shortly, but in the meantime ‘Gloria’, ‘Picture Frames’, and ‘Blind’ all sounded just as good as I remembered them, and really set the tone for a good night. 

The Paper Kites took to the stage to the biggest cheers I think they have ever received. The all ages gig meant that excitement in the crowd was electrifying and nearly bought the house down when the guys dropped ‘Featherstone’, ‘Young’ and ‘A Maker of My Time’ reasonably early in the set. The new tunes pioneered by the guys saw a pretty different change in their sound compared to their two EPs. For starters Christina Lacy took over the vocals from Sam for several of the new songs, which provided a completely different sound and feel to the tracks. There was also an almost psychedelic influence and vibe to some of the new songs too, which was unexpected and kind of cool. I liked most of the new songs, and feel that once I give the new album ‘States’ a good flogging on the CD player I would really come around to love the album, as the iTunes reviews are already suggesting. Although a bit of a shock on the night, the slightly varied sound still melted the ear drums, and the plucky banjo loop of ‘St Clarity’ was even more incredible live. A great show, with plenty of surprises.

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