Jae Laffer – Leave A Light On

The Panics frontman Jae Laffer has given us the first taste of his debut solo album When The Iron Glows Red with ‘Leave A Light On’. Now don’t stress if you’re a massive Panics fan, the band haven’t broken up. This is just a side project that Laffer can spill all his creative juices into without filter.

Leave a light on is a violin fueled little piece of nostalgia. Sounding far simpler than a Panics record, the track is a jumble of guitar, drums, violin and piano. Held together by Laffers voice, which has lost none of its storytelling sentimentality.

It’s not the kind of track that’s going to explode onto the charts in a big way, but fans of the folk-rock and alternative genres will be lapping it up, and it will definitely get airtime on triple j.

It’s clean, crisp and creative songwriting and hopefully the album, out September 27th, follows suit.

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