Edward Deer – Washed Ashore

Edward Deer is a singer/songwriter from Sydney who has given us the first taste of his debut album ‘About Monsters‘, with the deep, spooky song ‘Washed Ashore‘.

Edward Deer has this amazing talent of being able to connect with the listener both lyrically, and vocally, singing in such a deep and touching manner. His voice combines with the haunting lyrics to create this visual tapestry of emotions that have inspired his song. Add the eerie whistling, slow calm beats, and soft guitars, and you have a song that is not just melancholy, but chilling, and really matches the intense emotion in the lyrics and vocals. ‘Washed Ashore’ is one of those songs that is so elegently crafted, you don’t mind listening to over and over, despite being slightly on the heavy side of things.



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