The Mistress – Surf Song

Instantly Surf Song hits you with a fresh beachy riff and beautiful harmonies making for a tune bursting with good vibes.

Brought to us by South Australian newcomers The Mistress, Surf Song sounds the way a song called Surf Song should sound (say that five times fast.)  But naming songs isn’t The Mistress’ only talent. Their songwriting is Jinja Surfariesque, a needling guitar riff drenched in optimism combined with laid back harmonies. Drums and bass that build the song but don’t overplay their role. In the last 1.20 or so of the jam the boys let loose, the drums pick up and we are treated to a very Californian guitar solo. This final stage of the song is distinctly more pop punk, with an almost Ramones feel.

Surf Song is the kind of tune best enjoyed with a cold beer, watching a summer sunset on the deck.


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