The Cairos – Obsession

Brisbane lads The Cairos have bounced back onto the radio with their catchy new number ‘Obsession‘.

‘Obsession’ is an approriate name for a track that I cannot seem to get out of my head. A great almagamation of guitar jams, garage jamming and hazy vocals, ‘Obsession’ comes together nicely to deliver a really complete and melodic sound. Although not as poppy as previous numbers, I am a big fan of the subtle key changes that really pushes this track into the more melancholy, slightly solemn numbers. The intense videoclip set at in a gaol probably enforces that point.

‘Obsession’ even has fellow indie punk mates Hunting Grounds and Dune Rats excited, topping the comments on the Youtube clip! Ahh, its so good to here more Cairo’s again!

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