Sticky Fingers, The Vanns, Lyall Moloney Gig Review – Unibar 29th, September

As the crowd stumbled into the Unibar, Lyall Moloney mixed elements of folk, hip hop, reggae and blues rock, and came up with a unique sound and a solid set. Bootleg Rascal must have liked Moloney’s set because they asked him for a little help on a few tracks. The track Sharks was a boppy beachy bundle of fun and Psychotica got a great crowd reaction. Bootleg Rascals laid back guitars and seamless dub influence ensured crowd energy stayed on the way up.

It was good to see local boys The Vanns getting to play to such an excited and sizeable crowd, and even nicer to see them absolutely kill it. James Vann’s husky vocals on Don’t hold me back combine nicely with tight basslines, bouncy guitars and tropical beats. Blender was the song of the set.

Sticky Fingers took the stage at around 10.30, dressed as sharply as you would expect five boys from Newtown to be. Their punk rock spirit and cock rock attitude is ever present, though the boys add a sense of maturity through Dylan Frost’s husky vocals and clever lyrics. The dub beats and semi psychedelic guitars coincide with the bands overall energy. These Days provided a nice softer moment, Australia Street was a nostalgic dance along track and closer Caress Your Soul was huge. Overall it was a great bill of acts whose sounds complimented each other nicely, great times.

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