Eves – Zen

18 year old singer-songwriter Eves’ dreamy second single Zen adds her to the growing list of young female artists who’ve broken out in 2013 and annoyed everyone (well, maybe just me) with their youth and talent.

Whilst she’s definitely not at a Lorde or Birdy level of fame just yet, her talent is undeniable, her voice almost a perfect mixture of the aforementioned acts. With the ‘too cool to care’ vibe of Lorde and a Birdy-esque ability to hit the high notes without sounding strained. The production quality of the song is stellar, the opening guitar notes drenched in reverb and echo give a seventies acid trip vibe. In come the sweeping drums and Eves’ tranquil vocals and the track is on it’s way. The lyrics are solid without being groundbreaking, the electronic elements added in production are subtle and build the track nicely particularly in the later stages.

Throw this track on when you’re meditating, or in the mood for some hot young Aussie talent.

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