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David Slater – Pull Away


We caught up with the rising South Coast MC, David Slater, to talk about his latest single ‘Pull Away’, and the inspiration behind it.

‘Pull away’ lyrics were inspired by a build up of small things in my life culminating to a period of uneasiness and stress. Major hour cut backs at work is never good news for a student living on their own. Relationships with long time friends broke down or disappeared leaving a sense of isolation. Though they may be first world problems I think it’s fair to say everyone goes through similar phases at some point in their life. This song is a way for me to vent built up frustration but to also let other people know they’re not alone and there are better times ahead so don’t give up. Just chill out, relax and pull away.


Little Odessa – All Night


Little Odessa have unleashed a catchy pop number that goes by the name of ‘All Night‘.

‘All Night’ is an upbeat tune that just gets you buzzing in all the right ways, and highlights the fact that Little Odessa really do know how to write catchy pop music. Toe-tapping brilliance from the outset, ‘All Night’ is the perfect follow up to debut single ‘My Girl’, and leaves you wanting that third single to drop quickly, cos I can’t get enough of these guys.



Greyjoy – Complications


It has been a while since we heard from psychedelic electronic WA outfit Greyjoy, and nobody is happier than us at the release of latest single ‘Complications’.

Despite taking a new direction of the pop variety, Greyjoy have still managed to maintain that really dreamy feel to their music. The spaced out, chilled vocal hooks, combine with the low-fi pop electronica to just melt your ears. Its somewhere in the vein of a less housey Rufus, but more poppy than Oliver Tank or James Blake, and is a great addition to the acid pop genre that is currently becoming something of an obsession for us.  Loving the synth, and slow jam vibes, lets hope their is more to come from Greyjoy in the near future.

Braves – Teenage Crazy


Braves are one of the hottest indie pop bands on the rise at the moment, and ‘Teenage Crazy‘ shows you exactly why.

The Perth four piece are making energetic fast paced tunes that just make you want to dance. Armed with infectious guitar work, pulsing drums and vocals delivered in such a slacker ‘whatever’ way, these guys are just oozing cool. This is their third awesome track on unearthed and its proving the point that Braves have the goods. More please.


Jenny Broke The Window – Rum n’ Cola


Jenny Broke the Window have been on the scene a while now, and have perhaps delivered their best piece to date with latest offering ‘Rum n’ Cola‘.

Despite constantly wanting to rename the song ‘Rum n’ Coke’, the guys have nailed this latest track, filling it with guitar hooks that simply soar out of the radio. The bouncy keys and grooving bass just add further backing to a tune that is simply infectious. Appropriately named, this is the type of song that is so fun you can get drunk off it. Keep em’ coming boys.


Emma Davis – Stand Tall

Emma Davis

Emma Davis has been kicking around the Australian music scene for a while now, and ‘Stand Tall’ is her latest delightful offering.

Perhaps one of the quiet achieves on the scene, ‘Stand Tall’ is a nice simple pop melody that does everything just right. The rolling keys, powerful crisp voice, and carefully delivered lyrics, although not experimental, or daringly complex, hits the spot and is easily and happily listened to over and over.


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