December 2013 archive

Tourism – A Song For You (Once Beaten Black & Blue)


The Tourism boys are back with another rad track called ‘A Song For You (Once Beaten Black & Blue)’.

If you haven’t already got on the Tourism bandwagon thanks to their upbeat, brit-pop laced, take on indie rock, then  ‘A Song For You (Once Beaten Black & Blue)’ will be sure to convert you. Once again giving off some distinct Arctic Monkeys vibes, the boys are hoping the track raises awareness and starts conversation about domestic abuse. At the same time,  ‘A Song For You (Once Beaten Black & Blue)’ also has a pretty nice sound that is sure to have you clicking repeat over and over. Hopefully a new release EP or Album isn’t far away!

Louis Spoils – Sleep At Night

Louis Spoils

Louis Spoils is one of our current flavours of the month, releasing the snazzy number called ‘Sleep At Night’.

Oozing with a multitude of different textures, each perfectly layered into a very enjoyable compilation of sound, ‘Sleep At Night’ is one of those tracks you can just listen to over and over again. The single project of Jake Rush, and featuring a plethora of guest musicians including help from Wally De Backer  (aka Gotye), Louis Spoils self titled debut EP is a record that makes a real impression on you. How this guy hasn’t made it big yet is a mystery, but check out his unearthed and get on the bandwagon early, because there will be a bandwagon.

The Good Sports – Out of The Way

Good Sport

The Good Sports are one of Brisbane’s latest indie offerings, and have just released the ear catching number ‘Out Of The Way’.

Filled with luscious rolling guitars, plucky bass riffs and scratchy waning vocals, there is a lot to like about this indie slacker rock number. Much in the same vein as Dirt Farmer, and even Dick Diver, The Good Sport have nailed the chilled lazy vibes, and really added a gem of a track to the Oz music scene. Listen below.


The Creases – I Won’t Wait

Brisbane’s The Creases have just won the Triple J Unearthed spot at Brisbane’s Laneway Festival, and ‘I Won’t Wait’ is the reason why.

‘I Won’t Wait’ is a super chilled, super catchy, super cool track for the band to release as their debut single. Its full of these retro fuzz vibes that just hit the spot perfectly. Its just such a well put together track, beautifully layered with sweet vocals and relaxed textured drumming. Having caught these guys live supporting the Philly Jays, we can also say they put on a real show, and should definitely be a band to watch in 2014. With an EP due out soon, keep your eyes and ears posted.

Paul Conrad – Heresy Baby


Paul Conrad has announced himself into the music world with the phenomenal debut track called ‘Heresy Baby’.

Owning one of those commanding voices that instantly grabs your ears and leaves you begging for more, Paul Conrad is clearly destined for big things. He gives off this vibe that makes his music feel like its an antique work, carefully detailed over years of tender guidance. Yet unlike most antiques, ‘Heresy Baby’ is totally cool, super catchy, and the ultimate track to casually rock out to, or just zone out with. I’m definitely loving the Father John Misty sentiments and the epic rock breakdown in the chorus. I just want to know where this song has been all year.

Cull – World Inside Your Head


Shoegaze is alive and well thanks to the latest revealing by Sydney’s Cull, called ‘World Inside Your Head’.

Soft sounding, majestically layered and fully encapsulating the shoegaze vibe there is very little not to like about ‘World Inside Your Head’. It is a little like a hollow point of sound, with this incredible knack of being melodic and catchy at times, yet has this reverb and dreamy vibe that makes it explode into something much bigger than the sound coming out of the speakers. It is a song that really sticks with you.

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