Gig Review – Holy Holy, Eleanor Dunlop and Winterbourne at Name This Bar

On Friday Night I was lucky enough to catch Holy Holy and their supports in what was easily in the top three gigs I have been to this year – and we go to a fair few.

Opening the night was the initially quiet duo ‘Winterbourne’ who then exploded in what was hands down the best opening act of 2013. Featuring a host of their own tunes ranging from super catchy folk to more sombre ballads, the twosome just left the room in amazement. If there was any doubt that these two were not going to be one of the acts to watch in 2014, a splendid rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s, ‘Mrs Robinson’ put that to rest. Great muscianship, phenomenal vocals, and can write songs. Watch out for these guys next year!

Eleanor Dunlop was the next act up, and wowed the crowd with her take on moody haunting piano pop. Having not heard much of her before, it was good to finally catch her live and see what the hype was about. She played a solid set, incorporating a pretty cool Queens of The Stone Age cover to keep the night rolling on in the right direction.

Holy Holy took the stage with and really got the bar buzzing from the outset, delivering a momentous tight and truly complete sound. If you loved ‘Impossible Like You’ then you will be happy to know that these guys have the goods, playing a set that was hard to pick a weak point in. With an album due out early next year, this sneak preview of their new tracks left me very eager for new songs to drop already. They just delivered one of those sounds that was textured, heavy and backed by vocals that just melted your ears in all the right way. When they finally closed their set, I was definitely left wanting more!



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