MAIDS – Mechanism

MaidsWith synthesizers and the whole EDM movement engrained in almost every indie rock track these days it’s hard to bring something new to the table. But Newcastle’s drummer fronted band MAIDS have come up with an idea so crazy it might just work for them, make it heavy, and make it weird.

Mechanism is a thumping three minutes of head banging good times, Vocalist/Drummer Sean Cook looks to be channeling Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) with his high pitched wailing whilst providing a simple but effective beat. Cook’s quivering voice and peculiar lyrics give the track a dark overtone and slightly psychedelic feel, but the most identifying characteristic of this song is that it’s just a bloody good time. The melody is unusual, and the hooks are heavy. While Cook draws your attention through the verses with its’ big hooks the sing along chorus belongs to the whole band. Luckily for you (if you live on the East coast) Maids are dragging their long locks and huge energy from Brisbane to Melbourne in February, grab yourself a ticket and get freaky.

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