Pigeon – Settle In EP Review

Pigeon Settle InBrisbane band Pigeon have just dropped EP number two called ‘Settle In’.

Having cited The Cat Empire as one of their favourite bands and referred to early days experimenting with hip hop beats via ‘how to’ Youtube guides, its easy to see where Pigeon are coming from on this latest record.

Lacking the ferociousness or intensity of The Cat Empire, Pigeon have opted for the more low-fi electro option, and boy have they nailed it. Underpinned by a range of processed hip hop beats, they have managed to produce an album that due to its multitude of influences is easily accessible to the listener, without compromising any quality.

The two released singles, ‘Curtain Call’ and ‘Two Moon Love’ are the major standout tracks, but the catchiness and stirring summery synth of ‘Climbing Trees’ may see that dropped as a single in the not too distant future.

Take nothing away from remaining tracks, ‘Settle In’ and ‘Crowhurst’, which deliver more suave indie electro but lack the punchiness or intensity of the others to have that same anthemic feel to them. Having said that, they are still quality enough to have you reaching for the iPod to check what songs playing when it shuffles on.

The self-proclaimed electro horn rock outfit have really delivered on the 5-track record with their infectious mix of brass, electro and indie rock shining through in an album that will have you dancing up a storm, coated in sweat, and absolutely loving it.


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