February 2014 archive

High-Tails – Bending Over Backwards

artworks-000070307919-re32oy-t500x500Those who loved ‘Maps’ will be ecstatic to see High-Tails are back with their second single called ‘Bending Over Backwards‘.

The follow up to ‘Maps’ (one of our favourite tunes of last year) has seen High-Tails show off a new more lyrically driven style with ‘Bending Over Backwards’. And it works splendidly, combining the catchy as hell guitar licks, groovy basslines with a lyrical story that means this song gets stuck in your head (and doesn’t get out quickly). With two singles under their belt that are all class, lets hope an impressive debut EP isn’t far away.

Coach Bombay – Cool Thing (Feat. Elle Young)

Coach BombayCoach Bombay is back, got a new friend on the vocals, and finally dropped a new single called ‘Cool Thing‘.

Several years ago Coach Bombay released the poptastic, electronic gem that was ‘Beamer’ (amongst others such as ‘POPS’), and nobody is more excited than us that he has returned to the music scene. And what a return it is, with ‘Cool Thing’, being a refreshing, upbeat indie electro number. I love the vocals by Elle Young, and just the way this song brings such happy, and fun vibes to the table. Appropriately titled, this is a cool thing!

Passerine – Free Again

PasserinePasserine has dropped the funkiest, dance/disco track of 2014 so far and its called ‘Free Again’.

If you want to feel weak at the knees, then press the play button on the soundcloud clip below. ‘Free Again’ is like a more exciting version of a Daft Punk single, with Passerine’s vocals exploding into a 70s fuzz fest of suave. I love the dance vibe, the homage to sounds of the past, and the silky production on this number. Simply, this song is cool. That is all.

I Know Leopard – Hold This Tight


I Know Leopard have recently unveiled their latest single called ‘Hold This Tight’.

If you thought their single artwork was chilled and snazzy, then wait until you hear the actual song! Its blissful pop structured track, with a simmering undercurrent of tropical indie that combines to become simply irresistible. With a tour coming up, be sure not to miss these guys before winter sets in, and summer vibes seem out of place.


Magic Bones – Around The Block


Melbourne’s Magic Bones have come bounding back with a brand new single called ‘Around The Block’.

Fast paced, punchy and full of grit, ‘Around The Block’ shows off Magic Bones catchy post-punk come rock sound perfectly. If you want some psych up music, something to smash out the air guitar on, or ignite a weekend barbeque, then get on ‘Around The Block’.

Airling – Ouroboros

AirlingComing off BIg Scary’s record label is Airling, who has just dropped her debut solo single ‘Ouroboros’  (pronounced. “o-rob-o-ros”).

Keeping it in the Big Scary family, the track is produced by the male part of the duo Tom Lansek, and captures different angle of chill to that which Big Scary have become known for. The vocals are so smooth, and ‘Ouroboros’ just bounds so delicately through your ears. Its brooding emotional indie at its best.

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