Interview with Pigeon

PigeonHaving just released their second EP ‘Settle In’ we caught up with Luke Cuerel from Pigeon to talk EPs, The Kite String Tangle and their upcoming run of shows. 

AP: Pigeon have been around for a little while. How it that you guys was came to make music together?

LC: We actually formed for this body paint party which sounded pretty exciting, and we started off playing hip hop with little electronic stuff, and yeah that slowly evolved into electro pop stuff. We also played a heap of genres like dub step and so you look back now and it’s pretty crazy because we have been through a fair few genres, but now we are stuck at electro tropical pop.


AP: While we’re on the topic, what is the weirdest name given to your musical sound? We’ve just been categorizing you as indie electro rock, and that seems a little unjust.

LC: Um, I’m not really sure actually. We haven’t had anything to strange. I tend to describe it as electro Tropical horn party rock, which might be the strangest. Haha!


AP: It is pretty out there, but I kinda like it. So before you guys formed where you all mates? Or just past of that incestuous Brisbane music community – did you share drummers?

LC: Well we all went to school with us except for the drummer, and then we all hung out at uni. SO we all knew each other and had done previous things beforehand. But, none of us had really tried making electro music before, so we decided to give it a go, and yeah. Here we are, electro tropical horn party rock.


AP: Having not tried electro music, how do you go about creating music with a sound that you are not familiar with making?

LC: Definitely a lot of YouTube tutorials. That was the key to a lot of Pigeon’s early music. When wanted to get certain sounds out, we then we would just YouTube it, and make it work. There were a lot of influences going on. We were always like let’s see what happens and give it a go.


AP: With your influences, you talked about drawing from pop, hip hop, etc. With your new stuff is there anything that you are particularly drawing on as an influence?

LC:We kind of really like Royskopp, Delphic, kind of poppy dancey electronic lights. Its almost like a perverted homage thing. I’m a pretty big fan of the Cat Empire. They are the big ones For me anyway, but we try to draw on anything that we really like. Like Cat Empire and Gold Fields are pretty good ones.


AP: The Cat Empire are sick, I just saw them at Falls and they are pretty exciting. It’s such an energetic live show.

LC: Aww man we were at Falls in Lorne but missed The Cat Empire. They are like one of my favourite bands ever, so it’s a little upsetting.


AP: Haha, well continuing on…Danny Harley is obviously been doing pretty well with his side project, The Kite String Tangle. Has that been good for pigeon, bad, or somewhere in the middle?

LC: He is definitely killing it, and a lot of good things are happening because of it for him. He’s got some totally killer tunes and its definitely getting us excess exposure. Like I’m totally stoked for him, it’s going pretty well, and he deserves all that.


AP: Do you now find that when you’re mashing out new songs, since Danny has his own project s there are similarities between the two, or does he keep his solo project quite segmented and different?

LC: I think that he is. He likes to have his chilled stuff as more of an outlet, compared to the more dancey stuff that Pigeon kind of make. I guess it’s inevitable that he will work some of the more chilled stuff into Pigeon, but he tends to keep the more chilled stuff as his own outlet for his own project.


AP: You guys have already had two singles off the new EP, Curtain Call and Two Moon Love, have you been surprised at the way they have been received?

LC: Yeah totally, Triple J just played the last one a couple of times, and that was pretty sick. It’s just really good that each time, we are kind of building a following.


AP: You mentioned before that you have an EP you guys will be dropping shortly. What can we expect from Pigeon on this EP?

LC: We’re kind of just doing a lot of songs that we recorded up in Airlie Beach, and it is the perfect place to be inspired by the tropical party vibes and I guess that a lot of the songs sound like that. Its tropical, party, horn…rock…yeah. Haha.


AP: I guess that is a pretty good theme to be coming back to. You are also touring off the back of the EP, Where are you going?

LC: We’re actually going to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.


AP: Any shows you are particularly excited for?

LC: I’m pretty excited to do the Brisbane one again.


AP: Home crowd shows are the best?

LC: Yeah, Brisbane always goes off. Its such a good place because it is the home crowd, and we are really excited to do one again cos we haven’t done one in a while. Last time Alhambra went off, so yeah its going to be great to play that one again.


AP: That sounds great. Being festival season, have been to any, or have you lined up any festivals for the rest of the year yet?

LC:  We played New Years down at Festival on the Hill Festival in Melbourne, and that was fun. And then we all just kind of chilled out at Falls. But that’s it I think this season.


AP: Who is supporting you on your upcoming tour?

LC: Back Back Forward Punch. They are like a sick electro duo from Melbourne who we love. The first time we ever went down to Melbourne they came to our show and were like, “sick show, do you want to do a remix”? and so its great that the whole thing has gone full circle and we finally get to tour and do a bunch of shows with them.


AP: So do you have any other close friendships with other bands, that you are keen to tour with?

LC: We are doing some stuff with 8 Bit Love when were down in Melbourne too, so it will be really good to see them again. And yeah, we are really good friends with The Belligerents and The Oceanics, because they are also in Brisbane and because we have been doing heaps of shows together and stuff.


AP: And after the new EP can we expect to see a full Pigeon Album in the near future?

LC: I think we are all pretty keen to do an album, we just don’t want to do it too early. I guess we will see how we’re going, but I’m not really too sure.


AP: So is that because you don’t want to rush it, are your worried it won’t be the same project or is it because of Harley’s side project?

LC: Well we just want to have a really solid base, like have everything where we wanted it to be before we started. We just kind of wanted to work out our sound and have everything totally set. I mean this is really our first piece of work. EPs are good, but there a starter. An album is really your statement. So yeah, we would like there to be one, but yeah not sure.


AP: As a fan It would be great to see one sooner than later.

LC: Haha, ok. Hopefully.


AP: EPs aside, what is planned for the rest of 2014?

LC: Hopefully, just doing a lot of shows around the country. We’re going to do this run in February, and then maybe another couple of tours around the end of the year. Basically, keep throwing out some cool remixes and yeah travel around and stuff.






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