Little Earthquakes – Planets

little earthquakeThe opening verse of Little Earthquake’s ‘Planets’ feels like an indie rock summer breeze, the second is an example of what you’re in for.

Textured layers of synth are incorporated and the tune gets a lot more electronic without losing that summer breeze you enjoyed so much at the start. The overtly happy vocals fit somewhere in between Phoenix and Wavves, ultra chilled and kinda surfy, but any Australian will pick this duo for Aussies. The strength of this track is in the layering, each verse and chorus gifts our ears with subtle differences. The addition and subtraction of backing vocals, synth textures and acoustic instruments keep it fresh and at around 2.45 they go a little Daft Punk on us. The exciting part is these guys are still pretty new to the scene, though they’re far from inexperienced musicians having toured the U.S as guest members of Lydia. They can sing, they can play and they can write, with a new EP expected out soon you’ll probably hear a lot more from Little Earthquake in 2014.

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