Interview with Eves

EvesEves has burst onto the scene in the last 6 months with her debut ‘Zen’ being a real treat. Now about to hit the road for Triple Js Triple Treat tour, we caught up with her for a quick chat.

Hannah Karydas in September last year became Eves, what was the reason for the name change?

I think it just allowed me to create an alter ego and I guess a stereotyped version of myself. It’s easier for consistency and establishing something that people can understand.

So what else has changed, besides the name?

I guess I’ve just developed a bit more of an attitude that’s more consistent. I’m able to kind of zone in on this one thing and it helps when I’m performing live or putting together anything visual or to do with my sound. I think being an artist is about being able to zone in on a certain mood.

So what is the Eves mood?

Eves is very dark blue, a little bit synthetic but mostly organic. It’s aesthetic embellishment.

You’re on the road soon with the triple treat tour. Are you excited about it?

Yeah really excited, it’ll be my first East Coast tour.

Have you had a chance to meet Jesse Davidson and Jordan Leser yet?

No I haven’t, Jesse’s been in Brisbane playing some shows recently but I wasn’t here to see them, but we’re Facebook friends.

Feel free to not answer this one, but what was the budget for the Zen film clip?

You know what there was no budget. I don’t think I spent any money on it I just had everything already. And I set up in my car with a tripod pointing out the boot, boot open, so I got someone to drive around this car park with me sitting in the boot at night. A lot of the stuff in the film clip happened by chance like the sensor lights turning on. My previous film clip for Heavy didn’t cost much either, I only had to buy material to make a cape.

Did you fall out of the boot? Or off that spinning chair? That shit looks dangerous?

No, I was going really slow so I put it in slow motion to make it look like I’m going really fast in super slow motion, but no I’m not as cool as it makes me look.

We heard you faked an English accent to get airplay in the UK once?

<Laughs> Ohhhh, well, after school I lived in the UK for a few months and I sent a track into the BBC where local acts could get their songs played on air. They emailed me back and said they really liked it and wanted to bring me in for an interview. So I went in and pretended I was British, well I said that I grew up in Britain but had been in Australia for a few years which was why my accent was a bit off.

That’s genius, alright down to business now. When can we expect to hear some new tracks?

I’ve finished recording my next release which will be a single, that’s getting mixed this week. It’s called Electrical and will hopefully be out next month

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