Interview with Jesse Davidson

Jesse DavidsonRounding off our Triple Treat Tour, Triple interview series is our chat with somewhat enigmatic Jesse Davidson. 

Jesse, it’s a pleasure. When’s the 18th birthday? Got anything big planned for it?

Ah no nothing really.

Not much of a partier?

No I am, I just haven’t planned that far ahead.

 So when can we have a listen to your EP ocean?

It should be coming around April hopefully.

What type of tunes can we expect from it?

Just good indie jams. It’s good some pretty varied tunes on it at the moment. If I had to compare it to someone I’d say it kind of sounds like Grizzly Bear. But it’s hard to say really who or what it sounds like.

We’ll just have to listen then. So you’re crazy young and have already supported Ian Ball, The Trouble with Templeton and Mac DeMarco. What was it like supporting those guys?

Pretty cruisey, heaps of fun. We got to hang out a bit and they were all cool guys. Mac DeMarco was my first tour ever and that was crazy. It was only three dates and I didn’t get much sleep because we didn’t want to book accommodation.

So where did you sleep?

Well we couldn’t book accommodation because we needed to break even, so we just booked 6am flights and we got a few hours on the flight if we could. And sometimes when we got to the venue we’d try and sleep there. It was pretty fucked but I had fun. Probably not going to do that next time.

After opening for a few acts it must feel pretty good to have your own headline spot, even if it is shared.

Yeah I haven’t done many headline shows before so it should be interesting to see how it goes.

Do you think you’ll change up your set a little bit coming on last?

I think I might change it up a little bit, make it a little more interesting. Maybe try and write a few new songs before I go on tour.

So for a dude with a relatively small body of work out you’ve got a pretty impressive resume. And you’re going on tour with Ball Park Music next, you’ve got to be pretty happy with that?

Yeah I am, very happy. Real excited for the Ball Park tour. And yeah I’ve only got like three songs out that are on the internet for free, it’s pretty crazy .

I bet you cant wait to make some CD’s and actually make some bank.

Well yeah that’s the plan. I’m looking forward to being able to put out full albums in the future.


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  1. randell
    January 3, 2015 at 11:51 pm (3 years ago)

    Awesome. My dad told me my uncle robs son was getting his music out there so I did a lil Google search and here I am keep it up Jesse making the FAM proud. BTW u have prib never heard if me I’m Davids son Julz/ jaw lions bro music is in our blood mate we all make music seems u have just gotten what we all dream if great work mate keep it real.


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