Interview with The Jungle Giants

JGAfter a massive 2013 which included dropping their debut Album, Brisbane boys The Jungle Giants are gearing up for an even bigger 2014. After kicking it off with some Big Day Out shows the fellas announced they’ll be bringing their ‘Tuss Tour’ to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth over March April and May. We had a chat with Bassist Andrew Dooris about Thrift Shop, haters and mean girls.

So you guys gave us your debut album Learn to Exist in August last year, have you been happy with the reception?

Yeah it’s been pretty good, it’s always nerve racking working on something then putting it out there, and it was our first full album as opposed to an EP so it was scary but I’ve been pleased. Overall it’s been positive

Last year you toured with two door cinema club, but actually ranked above them in the 2012 hottest 100. That’s gotta feel pretty good?

<Laughs> Yeah I’d say that had more to do with Geography than anything, they were really nice guys and a lot of fun to tour with. That tour was an awesome experience for the band, and Two Door are such an amazing live act so it’s kind of inspiring to see that from the sideline I guess.

How’d you feel about thrift shop winning that year?

Thrift Shop has a lot of haters but I’m a fan, I think it’s a pretty well constructed song about something that’s very accessible. It’s got a cool beat and I’m pretty cheap and shop at Op Shops regularly so anything that makes being cheap cool I’m a fan of. I think the better something is the more hate it gets sometimes, and that song was huge so it’s obviously going to get more haters but as long as the love outweighs the hate I guess you’ll be doing alright. Some people on the internet and stuff are vicious with their hatred of some songs.

Do you guys have any hardcore haters?

Ah not really, we’ve had hecklers occasionally and we have received one or two facebook messages that were less than nice but we’ve probably been lucky <laughs> Maybe we’re too small just yet to have really hardcore haters.

So what’s the dynamic of the band, who’s the brains, who’s the muscle, who’s the looks and who’s the wildcard?

Ah wow, I’d say I would probably be the brains, not because I’m superiorly intelligent but I kind of worry a lot, more than the other guys. Sam is definitely the wildcard, he’s pretty spontaneous and you never really know what he’s gonna do next. It works in his favour on stage I guess. I don’t know about the other guys.

Excited about the South by South West festival in a few weeks?

Yeah really excited, these things are kind of like a big high school and every band is like one insecure teenage girl trying to become popular. All the bigger bands like Foster the People are the bitchy queen bees who are just already there

Like the mean girls of the festival

Yeah exactly and we’re all just whoring ourselves out for a chance at being popular. I make it sound really horrible but realistically it will probably be really fun. A few Aussies are coming over too like 360 and Chet Faker so we’ll hang at the Aussie BBQ.

Have a snag and a VB tinnie for us, thanks for your time.

Tickets for the ‘Tuss Tour’ are currently on sale, The Jungle Giants will be in Sydney on March 28th straight off the back of SXSW in Houston texas.


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