Interview with Loon Lake

Loon LakeMelbourne indie poppers Loon Lake are no strangers to good times, their sets are renown for being obnoxiously fun and thoroughly entertaining. Throughout March April and May the boys are spreading the fun, having recently announced their Good Times tour and a spot on the kick ass Groovin The Moo lineup alongside Disclosure and Dizzee rascal. Guitarist Simon Nolan caught up with Cameron Warner to discuss the tour, juggling work and music, and why Peking Duk made them stand in ice buckets and blasted them with water pistols.


How was big day out?

It was great, a really fun tour. We had some good crowds and met a lot of good people, watched a lot of good bands and drank a lot of beer.

I saw an awesome pic of Sam (lead singer) with Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller and a shit load of other people what was happening there?

Yeah Sam watched Snoop Doggs set from side of stage and after the show they did a big group photo and he kind of photo bombed it.

I saw you guys at the Spectrum last year and there were a few girls getting topless, is that a regular occurrence at a Loon lake gig?

<Laughs> I didn’t see those titties, I wish I did. I’ve seen a few at gigs but unfortunately I wouldn’t say it happens regularly, we do have a pretty good vantage point from up high.

Will you be hoping to see some of that at Groovin the Moo?

Well you hope to see that anywhere don’t you.

Maybe you could do what Whiz Kalifa did in January and start a ‘tits out for the boys’ chant.

Ah I don’t think so, it’s pretty derogatory towards women so I don’t know how it would go. I remember we had a dancing competition at one of our shows where all the girls got up on stage and the best dancer got an award or something. Then the next day a lady wrote to us and said we’re really sexist and couldn’t believe we’d done that, so I think ‘tits out for the boys’ wouldn’t go too well given that reaction. Maybe our fans aren’t as accommodating as Whiz Kalifa fans.

At that same Spectrum gig you guys did a sweet cover of new radicals’ – get what you give. Have you got any surprise covers in store for groovin or the good times tour?

We’ll definitely do a cover, I don’t know if it will be that but that will be one.

Is there always a cover in a Loon Lake show?

We like to do at least one, if there’s time. At a festival there isn’t always time but I love seeing bands do covers. I remember seeing Tame Impala play that Remember Me cover which was awesome. I love watching it and yeah I love playing covers.

 Speaking of Groovin it’s a pretty nice line up, who are you keen to see in your downtime?

I’m really keen to see Violent Soho, they were on the Big Day Out tour with us and they’re really nice blokes, but we were on at the same time as them so we didn’t get to see them once. I really love that Disclosure album too so I’m keen to see them

Can you explain to me why I saw a video of Loon Lake standing in buckets of ice getting smashed by water pistols trying to play a song?

Yes I can, the guys from Peking Duk did this challenge at the Big Day Out for one of the beer companies where one band had to play a song and another had to try and make them unable to do so. So we had to stand in buckets of ice and get soaked, it was actually really painful, we were in that ice for like three minutes. It was fucking painful.

I’ve been lucky enough to see you guys a couple of times in concert and each time it seems like the band is having a shit load of fun. Is that entirely genuine or is there an element of showmanship in that stage presence?

 Well we’re definitely having fun, you’ve got to have fun. If you’re not having fun the audience isn’t. Some bands can get away with just playing and watching their shoes but we’re not that band, we like to dance and try to make the audience wanna dance. In terms of showmanship Sam cracks jokes and keeps the crowd up, that’s him being himself but there’s definitely some element of showmanship.

When can we expect some new tracks?

There are no solid plans yet, we’ve been making tracks and demoing them to each other and other bands. We haven’t made a deadline for an album or a single or anything, we just wanna make a heap of good tunes and see how it goes, no pressure.

Do you think it’ll be another album or maybe another EP?

I’d like to do another album but we’ll probably put out a few singles in between to keep momentum going. It’s just time man, we all work full time and getting the time takes a lot of planning.

So the entire band works full time?

Pretty much, two are studying and three of us work. I’m a full time music teacher, Dan’s a plumber and has his own business, Sam is a sign writer but only works seasonally, like he’ll work six weeks straight then have six off sort of thing.

How hard is it to maintain full time work when you’re doing national tours like Big Day Out and the Good Times tour?

Oh look you’ve got to juggle a lot, I’m lucky that my boss is supportive of what I do and lets me take the days off when I need it, Dan has his own business and Sam works seasonally so they’re okay with it too. The other guys have to fit in their study around the tours. It is hard but you make it happen. We rarely knock back stuff that we know is important. We knock back gigs that wont have the right crowd or are in venues that wont do anything for the profile of the band but we try to say yes to most stuff.

The Good Times tour kicks off in Adelaide on March 28th, and the Groovin the Moo tour begins less than a month after that on April 25th. Tickets are on sale now.


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