Gig Review – Sticky Fingers, and Little Bastard at Metro Theatre

1909291_446992325433656_244178795_oIf you rate the catchy synth riff of Gold Snafu when its spun on the Js, wait till you catch it live. Friday night was my first taste of Sticky Fingers latest single live, and I wish I got to relive what was one of the most fun and intense shows I’ve been to in recent times.

When the crowd is calling out for a band well before they go on stage, you know you’re in for something special, and luckily Sticky Fingers didn’t disappoint. They were ably supported by the hipster come country sounds of Little Bastard, who managed to not only fit all 7 members on stage, but also to unleash some hip, jiving, barn stomping good tunes – complete with violin and harmonica.

The Stickies hit the stage to a home crowd who did more than adore them, clearly, considering they sold out two shows at Metro. It was an irresistibly raucous set, filled with the arrogance of a punk rock, and the clear delight of a local band whose reggae musings had grown more than they ever expected. With the crowd singing along word to word to every tune, Sticky Fingers, knocked off their entire debut album, plus a couple of bonus newbies. Caress Your Soul, opener Freddy Crabs, and Clouds and Cream saw the crowd scream with every note, only outdone by the frenzy when Spit Syndicate MC Nick Lupi hit the stage to spice up the hip hop side of their performance.

The Stickies then unleashed their homely number Australia Street as their encore to close out the set, despite the screaming crowd begging for more, in what was a legitimately earned encore – none of this predictive stage stuff. Unfortunately they never came back out, and my night mellowed off as I tried to exit with the sticky bodies of some more than satisfied customers.

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