MT Warning – Midnight Set Album Review

MtW_Album_PackShotMT Warning have just released their debut album ‘Midnight Set’, cementing themselves as one of the most interesting and unique bands on the Australian music scene.

The chance project of an American film-maker, Taylor Steele, and local singer-songwriter Mikey Bee, the pair aimed to produce music that uses instruments to tell a visual narrative. This unusual combination has produced an album that is starkly different to anything else being released at the moment.

In many ways, MT Warning’s debut ‘Midnight Set’, is a concept album at heart, but I think it achieves the aims the duo set out to accomplish. The album itself is an art piece in that the 11 tracks individually have nowhere near the power or impact, that a listen to the complete record offers. That is not to say the pair cannot write a single, but reflects more on the album being seen as story, or to use an analogy, a book. Thus, listening to a single song, is like reading a chapter out of context, which despite being enjoyable leaves this dirty feeling inside.

I love the soft, brooding folk music, and the naturalistic sounds this pair manage to produce. The lyrical strengths and visual imagery they conjure are second to none, and are sure to appeal to the naturist inside all of us. My only warning is that the album is one that must be listened to as a whole if you are to capture its true meaning and achieve the most enjoyment from it. Nonetheless, MT Warning have dropped what has definitely been one of the most unique and satisfying Australian debut’s of recent times.

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