Ball Park Music – Puddinghead Album Review

PromoImagePuddinghead is the third album released by Brisbane five-piece Ball Park Music, and by far their most sonically exciting to date.

Puddinghead, a Shakespearing term essentially meaning to “fuck up the un-fuckable”, is a somewhat ironic title for an addictive album that pushes the boundaries BPM have previously established. Their quirkiest album yet, Puddinghead sees BPM embrace a host of unique sounds in order to deliver rapids of infectious, punchy indie pop. This ranges from the computer-ish synths and what is surely an accordion, to the staple soaring hooks and plentiful abundance of catchy high pitched keyboard melodies. This upbeat energy almost makes the intense emotional undercurrents of the lyrics go unnoticed in many tracks, including in lead single ‘She Only Loves Me When I’m There’.

Despite the quirky modern day indieness of it all, there are also some clear nods to 90s, with the Seinfield theme sounding ‘A Good Life Is the Best Revenge’ and the grungy almost Nirvana homage ‘Struggle Street’. Recording in their own studio has also led to an improvement in the quality of sound, with there being no weak points in the tapestry of sound. In this I mean there are no distracting, half notes, or scruffy atmospheric pieces. Everything is sharp and thick, and hits your ears firmly.

Personally, ‘The Next Life Already’ is the song that resonates with me the most on this record. Perhaps because it illustrates the effort, and anxieties that BPM incurred producing the album, or maybe because that message is just so easy to relate to. Nonetheless, BPM have produced an album that is an addiction for the ears, so catchy, so fun and in typical indie fashion so ironic.

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