The Phoncurves – Heartstrings EP Review

PhoncurvesBrisbane’s The Phoncurves have released their EP ‘Heartstrings’ on the world, and given us a collection of four songs to melt our ears too.

The Phoncurves create their music around the perpetually strong and stirring vocal combination of Abbie Roberts and Naomi Hodges. These two have voices just that just belong together, whether it be harmonising as in ‘Heartstrings’, bouncing off one another like in ‘Motionless’, you just cannot argue that the pair don’t make just ear-warmingly beautiful sounds.

Add the instrumental arrangement of delicate hi-hat drumming and soft acoustic guitars, and you get an EP that pushes folk pop to the far extremes of sweetness without being sickly so. Each of the four tracks, is well layered, makes a great use of pauses and silence, and just envelops an overall emotional and stirring vibe. The whole EP has this undercurrent of grunge and sadness characteristic of a bluesy rock number, but it is delivered so sweetly you wouldn’t even notice.

Having recently been a Triple J Unearthed ‘Feature Artist’, its safe to say the anticipation about The Phoncurves latest EP has not been unjust, with the pair delivering a delightful second tasting.

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