Fox and Fowl – Self Titled EP

Fox and Fowl

Ex-Canberra, now Brisbane based Fox and Fowl are set to delight us all with the release of their latest self-titled EP.

There is so much to love about Fox and Fowl’s self titled debut, from the aptly named African-pop number ‘Jungle Punch’, to the scintillating guitars of debut single ‘Pilot’. ‘Neon Colours’ is my pick off the EP, with its slightly heavier vibe and differing pop structure giving it a very distinctive feel. It maintains the indie pop enthusiasm with the cascading guitars and pulsing drums, but the use of pauses with that extra structure just makes it hit the spot perfectly.

Sounding very much like The Jungle Giants, Two Door Cinema Club and The Griswolds, Fox and Fowl aren’t covering any new ground, but boy are they are making some addictively energetic tropical pop. The production by Yanto Browning, who is also responsible for the The Jungle Giants latest album, is top notch and perhaps an additional stroke of genius.

Distinctively in the indie pop persuasion, Fox and Fowl have unleashed a host of upbeat African and Carribean pop stylings to produce and EP that is fast, fun and so damn catchy.

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