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The Oil Baronn – Efuge

Oil BaronnThe Oil Baronn is a bedroom producer from Melbourne, who I stumbled across whilst hunting through the local soundcloud scene, who has an interesting number out called ‘Efuge’.

Soundcloud suggestions is often a pretty bad predictor for music I will like, but for some reason there is something about ‘Efuge’ that really got me going. Despite its 50-ish plays, the looping tune this guy has produced is damn catchy and impulsively has you nodding your head to the beat. Check it out.

The Staffords – Passing Ships In The Night

avatars-000076848134-z1pvxn-t500x500Melbourne pop rockers The Staffords have just released ‘Passing Ships in The Night’, the perfect follow up to bouncy debut ‘About Love’.

The Staffords are getting a reputation for creating grooving pop rock numbers with more than a hint of blues. This is in part thanks to the notable inclusion of the double bass, which definitely adds an element of uniqueness to their sound. With some insightful and heavy lyrical references, delivered with punch and clarity, these guys are really nailing their post punk genre.

The Middle Names – My Brother and I

themiddlenames_photoThe Middles Names, may have dropped Ben Wells from their band name, but that doesn’t mean the music has waned as latest single ‘Brother and I’ clearly shows.

I have huge raps for this Tasmanian group, and boy have the five piece delivered with ‘My Brother and I’. The Middle Names have managed to invent a creative lyrical narrative that is delivered with a uniquely grungy clarity. Add the all encompassing grinding dirty bass riffs, soaring electric guitars and rocking drum work, and you have a song that definitely leaves you keen to explore their debut album ‘I Need Space’. Here’s a tip, do it, it doesn’t disappoint.

Classik Nawu – So Tight


Classik Nawu is another band that I owe Soundcloud suggestions for discovering. The Brisbane boys are a five piece who are attempting fusion of multiple genres. Luckily they succeed with ‘So Tight’, a track that is super duper fun and catchy, and nails the guys ambitions of creating a sound that hip,funky and fresh.

JP Kilpspringer – Drip Dry EP Review

JP KlipspringerJP Klipspringer emerged on the scene when he dropped his debut single ‘Bury Me’ earlier this year. The great news is that he has finally dropped his debut EP, ‘Drip Dry’, and it is full of the same stirring and intelligent indie that made us fall in love with his original single.

JP Klipspringers debut EP, Drip Dry, is not catchy music, as the obsession with the sound he produces goes much deeper than something as tangible as poppy beat. The four track EP, which includes ‘Bury Me’, is a wonderful collection of slow paced and emotional music produced near perfectly. Second track ‘Anastasia’, is a particular favourite with its steady pulsing beat and looping piano melody, combining with the eerieness of the vocals to create a song that just connects with me. Final track, ‘Bring You Home’ provided the real suprise number of the EP, mixing up the deft piano loops of previous numbers, towards a more poppy almost RUFUS like electro number. And it works, blurring the lines of dance music and brooding indie to create a sound that will definitely increase JP Klipspringer’s accessibility.

Put simply, Drip Dry is an abolutely stunning debut EP from JP Klispspringer.

The Acefields – Grabbed Me By The Heart


The Acefields are a gorgeous little folk duo out of Brisbane who have just released ‘Grabbed Me By The Heart’.

If their is anything sweeter than a classical call and reply duet, its when its done by a brother and sister combo. This is what makes the Acefields so good, as you can actually hear the emotion and connection the two have come through so clearly in their music. ‘Grabbed Me By The Heard’, is a fun stirring folk tune that is also quite good at grabbing your ears attention.

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