The Middle Names, The Dark Hawks, Angry Beige / Brighton Up Bar

Middle NamesThings began slowly at the Brighton Up Bar for the Remember Me At All Tour that has seen Hobart’s indie pop-rock outfit The Middle Names travelling about. Things kicked off with support acts Angry Beige - possibly the most daringly contradictory band name of recent memory – and The Black Hawks both delivering intense, seductive sets which at times extended beyond the stage as if to spite the dwindling crowd. The Black Hawks boasted some serious post-rock chops with resounding drum beats and delightfully abrasive guitar riffs complimenting the raw, powerful vocals. I hadn’t heard much of these guys going in but I found myself eagerly tapping along with every one of their songs regardless.

By the time The Middle Names took the stage the crowd had really emerged, eager to see the Tasmanian natives – and they did not disappoint. It was a tight set, showcasing the groups musical range, from the fast paced, punk-pop inspired sounds of ‘Full Friends’ that have come to define the band’s sound, to their homage to spaghetti-westerns in ‘You Came Around’, a song that left few able to resist the temptation to contribute to the inevitable dance-floor hoedown. Their newest track, the headlining ‘Remember Me At All’ also showed off the groups dual vocal musings which really added depth to an already interesting sound and left me anticipating whatever comes next from these guys.

There is something infinitely relatable about The Middle Names and though I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, it didn’t stop me, or anyone else at the Brighton Up Bar, from being totally captivated by there playful, unassuming performance. The group’s candid stage presence managed to create a comforting sense of nostalgia that played at me throughout the set and had me anticipating each song as though their’s was the first album I ever owned. In short you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on these guys.

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