Interview with Eliza Hull

25459bc9-e037-4a68-acde-e085241a4621Melbourne’s Eliza Hull has just offered us Caught, a more up tempo affair than previous tracks whilst showcasing super strong vocals, which was a given, and creating an intricate wall of sound.

Caught is just a teaser of Eliza’s debut album The Bones Of Us due out early next year. She has been tinkering with it in the studio with Hayden Calnin, after finishing up tours of Europe and the US, as well as supporting her previously mentioned producer and SAFIA to name a few. Cameron Warner caught up with Eliza, and found out what makes her tick.

 So Eliza lets get to know you, if you could only ever listen to AQUA or Rebecca Black for the next two years, which would you choose?

AQUA. I would always choose AQUA. There is nothing wrong with a bit of Barbie Girl to get you excited for the weekend!

Christian Bale movies or Leonardo DiCaprio movies?

Leonardo DiCaprio. Wow I am really showing my personality now. Ha ha. Titanic is still one of my favourite films (as embarrassing as that might be)

Touring Europe and the US must have been a dream come true, what was it like?

It was absolutely amazing! It felt very surreal. Especially when I was asked to perform at the London Natural History Museum, my friend got me to enter a competition and I had no idea that I would win, when I was just about to board my plane and leave London I got a phone call saying that I had won, and that night I performed in front of five hundred guests for opening night. It was amazing performing in such a cathedral like setting with giant dinosaurs all around me!

You’re on the lineup for NYE on the hill in Victoria alongside Jackie Onassis, The Delta Riggs and a lot of other quality acts, excited? And do you usually go to a lot of effort for New Years?

I am really excited! NYE on the Hill is a brilliant festival and I love the line up this year.  I also just love that there is one stage only so you get to see and support every artist. NYE can be so hit or miss depending. I have had some amazing nights and some not so great nights. I think this year will be one of the most memorable.

You and Hayden Calnin seem like a pretty perfect musical match, what was more enjoyable, the tour with him, or the production of The Bones Of Us?

The recent tour with him was a lot of fun! But I would have to say making the album with Hayden was more enjoyable. It is fun hanging out at his house, having a cup of tea, bouncing ideas off each other and then getting started on the record. It was a fairly quick process and I am really happy with the result. He understands me musically.

The beat in your single Caught seems a little more upbeat than the tracks on The Ghosts You Never Catch, can we expect more of the same from the album?

I definitely wanted to push my sound a little. The album still has down-tempo ethereal tracks that follow the same sound as the previous EP, but then there are a couple of tracks that are slightly faster. I love the new mix.

This is your first album, are you more excited or nervous?

Excited! I don’t think I will ever go back to EP’s. Album enables more scope to explore different feels/sounds. It creates more of a journey for the listener.

Will we see you on an East Coast or national tour when the album is released?

Yes absolutely. Hopefully March/April next year. I can’t wait to take these songs on the road.


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