Holy Holy // Tambourine Girls @ Rad Bar, Wollongong // Friday October 31st

HolyHolyOn Friday night I was reunited with Wollongong’s one and only Rad Bar, super keen to catch Holy Holy and The Tambourine Girls. Using Halloween inspired adjectives the night was a real treat, full of hauntingly beautiful vocals and silky guitar work.

The Tambourine Girls hit the stage, or rather the floor (Rad Bar doesn’t have a stage), and played a pretty awesome set. Having never seen them before I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were not girls at all, despite the suggestions of their band name, and belted out a classy, sophisticated indie rock set. They definitely inspired me enough to go hunt out their soundcloud and get a second dose during the rainy Satruday avo that followed.

Holy Holy came out and just rocked it from the outset. Rad bar isn’t known for its great acoustics, but these guys had their sound bouncing off the walls perfectly from the outset. The vocals are always a highlight, but it isn’t until you’re in a small room with Tim Carrol belting out the lyrics that you truly appreciate how good that mans voice is. The guys played all the hits off the EP, ‘Impossible Like You’, ‘House of Cards’, new single ‘History’, and even gave us the pleasure of hearing a not fully perfected tune destined for next years album. It was sweet night, and has me pretty stoked for the Holy Holy album of 2014. Bring it on.

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