Little Fox – Edits

Little FoxSydney-sider Little Fox has been kicking around the town for over a year now, and I expect that things are really going to heat up with the release of her flawless new single ‘Edits’.

‘Edits’ has this ethereal quality to it, it is just so smooth and effortlessly beautiful it almost disarms any preconceived stress you have. It is one of those rare songs that has an innate ability to induce the ears and mind into unintentional state of relax. Little Fox reminds me of Emma Louise, given the strong female vocals and minimalist nature to ‘Edits’, and is definitely one for those fans of slower atmospheric electronica. I enjoyed ‘Warrior’ off Little Fox’s debut EP, but ‘Edits’ is next echelon and leaves me super excited to see how Little Fox’s sound continues to develop.

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