Ali Barter – Hypercolour

AliAli Barter has just dropped her tantalizing new single ‘Hypercolour‘, a sweet mix of old school Americana and indie electro.

Ali Barter’s latest offering is redefining the boundaries of her sound, with some stylistic nods towards The Preatures and Ladyhawke as she encompasses an 80s throwback with the inclusion of classic almost Eurythmics-style electro beat. The gritty baseline rides with the smooth vocals to create an upbeat, punchy listen, which combined with the retro vibes adds a distinct ‘coolness’ to way the ‘Hypercolour’ connects with you. Its got that subtle edginess that makes you kind of feel like you’re doing an injustice to the music if you don’t have black glasses and leather on whilst listening. Having wooed myself and other fans alike whilst supporting Husky and then The War on Drugs last year, its great to see Ali Barter continuing with the goods in 2015.

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