September 2015 archive

Philadelphia Grand Jury – Crashing and Burning pt II


Philly JaysIt’s been 3 years, 10 months and 21  days since Philadelphia Grand Jury broke up. It broke my heart. But now they are back with a new single and new album!

‘Crashing and Burning’ is more of that equally chaotic and sensibly elegant garage rock that the Philly Jays were known for. Berkfinger is at his all time best delivering catchy vocal hooks, MC Bad Genius is shredding the bass and Dan Sweat is smashing the drums. Its the original gang and the original feel – I love it. With a national tour announced ahead of the release of their overdue second album ‘Summer of Doom’, be sure to catch these guys live as it always goes off!

John Steel Singers – Weekend Lover

JSSBrisbane’s The John Steel Singers have returned with the first taste of their third album, a dainty pop single called ‘Weekend Lover’.

John Steel Singers early EP ‘The Beagle and The Dove’ remains one of my favourite local
releases ever, and the track ‘Strawberry Wine’ with its air of bouncy politeness one of my favourite songs. Naturally I am stoked that there is more from the John Steel Singers, and they have really shown some development for album three is ‘Weekend Lover’ is anything to go by. Its catchy off beat guitars and soaring falsettos create a listen that is equally head bobbing and gentle swaying – they really have captured the best of both worlds. Produced in their Plutonium Studios, its no surprise where the title of album three, ‘Midnight at The Plutonium’ came from – it drops early 2016.

Rolls Bayce – Lost

Rolls BayceRolls Bayce have continued their run of irresistibly fantastic pop singles with ‘Lost’.

Bounded by gritty bass, hypnotic guitars and jagged synth there is a real sense of psychedelic vibes attached to this latest offering by the Brisbane boys. In fact its kind of what I imagine Tame Impala would sound like if Kevin Parker was a little less stoned. Yet, those punchy soaring vocals of Dean McGrath keep that pop sensibility to ‘Lost’. I still can’t help shed a tear for the now defunct Hungry Kids of Hungary every time I hear him open his mouth. Regardless, ‘Lost’ is another cracking tune, and with a debut album in the works, get excited for more Rolls Bayce.

Ocean Floor – For Someone Else

White Wall 1Ocean Floor is the moniker of 23 year old Melbourne solo artist Harley Cooper, who has been working hard towards the release of his debut album, ‘Old Haunts’.

‘For Someone Else’ is the third single released by Ocean Floor, and shows some shades of Elliot Smith with soft soul searching vocals and a delicate arrangement of acoustic guitar. There is something about ‘For Someone Else’ that sticks with you. I think its because this is DIY music done for the right reasons, it’s an expression of emotion purely for the sake of it. In that respect its a little like Bon Iver, just simple and honest. ‘Old Haunts’ is being released in mid September, and is being given away for free over at Ocean Floors bandcamp. So if you’re a fan of what you hear, be sure to check it out.

Big Scary – Organism [W/ New Video]

Big ScaryJust as signs of wear were becoming visible on my #1 Dads vinyl, Tom Lansek has ensured I wasn’t going to have to wait much longer for the next installment of his irresistible talent for music production, dropping ‘Organism‘ as part of his other project Big Scary.

Big Scary’s last album was one of my favourite albums of 2013, and the release of ‘Organism’ almost caught me off-guard given Lansek’s touring for #1 Dads, and the hand he has in the production of so many other up and coming Aussie artists (Montgomery, Art of Sleeping, etc). But one listen will have you instantly grateful, as the very tasty, but oh so dirty bassline takes your ears on an orgasmic ride to the ultimate musical high. Words are an injustice in attempting to describe ‘Organism’, so have a listen, and make sure your jaw doesn’t hit the ground.