Big Scary – Organism [W/ New Video]

Big ScaryJust as signs of wear were becoming visible on my #1 Dads vinyl, Tom Lansek has ensured I wasn’t going to have to wait much longer for the next installment of his irresistible talent for music production, dropping ‘Organism‘ as part of his other project Big Scary.

Big Scary’s last album was one of my favourite albums of 2013, and the release of ‘Organism’ almost caught me off-guard given Lansek’s touring for #1 Dads, and the hand he has in the production of so many other up and coming Aussie artists (Montgomery, Art of Sleeping, etc). But one listen will have you instantly grateful, as the very tasty, but oh so dirty bassline takes your ears on an orgasmic ride to the ultimate musical high. Words are an injustice in attempting to describe ‘Organism’, so have a listen, and make sure your jaw doesn’t hit the ground.


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