Ocean Floor – For Someone Else

White Wall 1Ocean Floor is the moniker of 23 year old Melbourne solo artist Harley Cooper, who has been working hard towards the release of his debut album, ‘Old Haunts’.

‘For Someone Else’ is the third single released by Ocean Floor, and shows some shades of Elliot Smith with soft soul searching vocals and a delicate arrangement of acoustic guitar. There is something about ‘For Someone Else’ that sticks with you. I think its because this is DIY music done for the right reasons, it’s an expression of emotion purely for the sake of it. In that respect its a little like Bon Iver, just simple and honest. ‘Old Haunts’ is being released in mid September, and is being given away for free over at Ocean Floors bandcamp. So if you’re a fan of what you hear, be sure to check it out.

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