John Steel Singers – Weekend Lover

JSSBrisbane’s The John Steel Singers have returned with the first taste of their third album, a dainty pop single called ‘Weekend Lover’.

John Steel Singers early EP ‘The Beagle and The Dove’ remains one of my favourite local
releases ever, and the track ‘Strawberry Wine’ with its air of bouncy politeness one of my favourite songs. Naturally I am stoked that there is more from the John Steel Singers, and they have really shown some development for album three is ‘Weekend Lover’ is anything to go by. Its catchy off beat guitars and soaring falsettos create a listen that is equally head bobbing and gentle swaying – they really have captured the best of both worlds. Produced in their Plutonium Studios, its no surprise where the title of album three, ‘Midnight at The Plutonium’ came from – it drops early 2016.

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