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Noire – Baby Blue

ImageProxyNoire are a nostalgic shoe gaze band from Sydney who have really grabbed our attention with ‘Baby Blue‘.

‘Baby Blue’ really captured me because it made me do a double take. At first listen, you cannot help but be in awe of the way the vocals of Jessica Mincher shine through this track. However, it isn’t until the second listen that you notice the intricacies of the backing instrumentation. This isn’t just another one of those minimalist backings with a strong female vocalist. No, this synth that rolls and glides, with guitars that just bounce delicately with every poignant lyric. Its the whole package. With a debut EP of the same name on the way in September, expect to see more from Noire.

Little May – Seven Hours

86d1a490-fdc5-4b58-919e-3e40ac0167ebSydney’s Little May have announced ‘Seven Hours‘, a hot new single off their impending debut album ‘For The Company‘ out in October.

‘For The Company’ showcases Little May’s impressive ability to create brooding, rustic style music that slowly burns its way to create a sense of total aural satisfaction. I love the transition from delicate instrumental arrangement, into pulsing and passionate indie rock, with the vocals never flinching from melancholy. Little May have already won accolades for their self titled EP, and I have a hunch that more will be coming when the album finally drops.

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Lanks – Brothers of The Mountain

LanksBrothers of The Mountain‘ is the latest piece of awesome to be released by Melbournite Lanks.

The alter ego of producer Will Cumming, Lanks has been steadily building a reputation over the last twelve months with instant classics like ‘Hold Me Closer’. ‘Brothers of The Mountain’ is taken from the same ‘Banquet’ EP released in July and continues that habit of flawless production with a healthy mix of eeriness, haunting vocals and inappropriately catchy guitar riffs. I love it, I love the EP and I love Lanks. Get on to it.

Berlin Blue – Used to Know

Berlin BlueUsed to Know’ is the new indie pop number from Sydney band Berlin Blue.

Armed with fast paced beats, shredding electric riffs and soaring vocal hooks, its clear from the first listen that there is going to be a lot to love from this threesome. Taken from their newly released self-titled debut EP, the boys have shown they have a penchant for creating energetic sing-a-longs – the type where you feel like you know the words before you have even heard the song once. Its fun, damn catchy and has left me keen for more.


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Ali Barter – Hypercolour

AliAli Barter has just dropped her tantalizing new single ‘Hypercolour‘, a sweet mix of old school Americana and indie electro.

Ali Barter’s latest offering is redefining the boundaries of her sound, with some stylistic nods towards The Preatures and Ladyhawke as she encompasses an 80s throwback with the inclusion of classic almost Eurythmics-style electro beat. The gritty baseline rides with the smooth vocals to create an upbeat, punchy listen, which combined with the retro vibes adds a distinct ‘coolness’ to way the ‘Hypercolour’ connects with you. Its got that subtle edginess that makes you kind of feel like you’re doing an injustice to the music if you don’t have black glasses and leather on whilst listening. Having wooed myself and other fans alike whilst supporting Husky and then The War on Drugs last year, its great to see Ali Barter continuing with the goods in 2015.

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Little Fox – Edits

Little FoxSydney-sider Little Fox has been kicking around the town for over a year now, and I expect that things are really going to heat up with the release of her flawless new single ‘Edits’.

‘Edits’ has this ethereal quality to it, it is just so smooth and effortlessly beautiful it almost disarms any preconceived stress you have. It is one of those rare songs that has an innate ability to induce the ears and mind into unintentional state of relax. Little Fox reminds me of Emma Louise, given the strong female vocals and minimalist nature to ‘Edits’, and is definitely one for those fans of slower atmospheric electronica. I enjoyed ‘Warrior’ off Little Fox’s debut EP, but ‘Edits’ is next echelon and leaves me super excited to see how Little Fox’s sound continues to develop.

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