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Dune Rats – Funny Guy

Dune Rats

Dune Rats have launched another fast paced single ahead of their forthcoming album, called ‘Funny Guy’.

Filled with that classic Dune Rats sound, ‘Funny Guy’ is lightening quick, punky and hits you like a punch to the face (in a good way). With a host of tours coming up inlcuding a May UK/Europe tour and June/Dune Australian tour chances are there will be no excuses to miss these guys and their explosive live show. Get on it.

DMAs -Delete


DMAs are another band out of Newtown, who are gaining lots of kudos with their debut track ‘Delete’.

If you want to know what a vocal hook is, look no further. DMAs show shades of Oasis, and I love their stripped back vibes. Moreover, ‘Delete’ has message that just resonates with people. These guys were signed very early in their career, and its easy to see why. With a debut EP now out, check it out and get on the DMAs wagon.

Harts – Lovers in Bloom


Tarantism is defined as the uncontrollable urge to dance. Harts is the cause of my Tarantism, because ‘Lovers in Bloom’ is freaking catchy.

Harts is a one man show, who we have always loved, and ‘Lovers in Bloom’ is another example of the incredible talent this guy has. If you love indie disco, and are a sucker for instrumental dance music, then you will love this track. There is so much funk, some very classy guitar riffs, and you cannot help but cut a groove. Now I just have to learn how to dance in a socially acceptable manner.

Velociraptor – Ramona

VelociraptorThe Brisbane garage pop-rockers are back with another choice tune called ‘Ramona’.

Continuing their trend of single with girls names, ‘Ramona’ is a welcome return to the airwaves for Velociraptor. Armed with a plentiful supply of back up harmonies, abundant reverb and that care-free poppy vibe that has almost become a staple in Velociraptor numbers, ‘Ramona’ is a more than welcoming track on the ears. Although lacking the punch of previous tunes such as ‘Cynthia’ or even some of Jeremy Neale’s singles, the chilled vibes of ‘Ramona’ is certainly to my liking, and left me keen for more Raptors releases.

The Fixators – Colourblind

The FixatorsHailing from Sydney’s North Shore, The Fixators have dropped their new single ‘Colourblind’, and we like it.

Combining elements of brooding indie with soaring pop guitars, The Fixators have delivered a punchy ‘stuck in your head’ kind of song, that we can’t get enough of. Showing tinges of Foals, and shades of local acts like Made in Japan or a more morose Last Dinosaurs, these guys have added their own indie touch to the well defined (and self proclaimed) ‘stadium sound’. Having just dropped EP number 2, keep your eyes out for these guys on the local circuit.

Halcyon Drive – Whitewash

Halcyon DriveHalcyon Drive are bringing back garage pop with their latest ear caressing number, ‘Whitewash’.

There is something about lead singer, Michael’s voice, that reminds me so much of Josh Pyke. This is a good thing, because I love Josh Pyke. At the same time there are these shades of Bon Iver. These similarities alone gave me reason to enjoy this track. Yet, the way they open with this subtle and delicate intro before developing into a punchy yet melodic indie rock number is what really took this track to the next level. So much to love.

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