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Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Flaws

VSCVancouver Sleep Clinic is back with another, seemingly overdue single called ‘Flaws’.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic, aka Tim Bettinson, first announced himself with ‘Vapour’, during the Triple J Unearthed comp – how he didnt win, lord knows? Keeping his sound in the same realm as his debut, ‘Flaws’ delivers that soft, airy, haunting  sound that feels like it comes out of nature itself. I really dig this kid, so let your ears embrace the ‘Flaws’ he’s made.

Olympic Ayres – Take Flight


Olympic Ayres have a new single, ‘Take Flight’, and ‘Leisureplex EP‘ on the horizon, and I challenge you to find a happy group of people than us about it.

‘Take Flight’ is along the same lines as producer St Lucia, combining themes of electronic dance music with the irresistable sound of indie pop. The dreamy almost sun soaked vocals, just bounce off the pop-infused beats, to deliver this orgasmic rush of sound on your ears. I rate this single, and having released three tantalising Episode EPs, and getting ‘Magic’ onto the FIFA 2014 soundtrack, its a sign that Olympic Ayres have the talent to smash much bigger stages.

Nyne – Never Change


At 21 years of age, singer songwriter Nyne has emerged onto the music scene with debut single ‘Never Change’.

Nyne is one of those musicians that will really appeal to lovers of James Blake, Oliver Tank, etc. especially those with a preference to female vocals. Her slow brooding indie electro tunes are full of explosive emotion that really connects with you, adding this extra heaviness to her music. A new member on the scene, keep your eyes on Nyne.

Coach Bombay – Cool Thing (Feat. Elle Young)

Coach BombayCoach Bombay is back, got a new friend on the vocals, and finally dropped a new single called ‘Cool Thing‘.

Several years ago Coach Bombay released the poptastic, electronic gem that was ‘Beamer’ (amongst others such as ‘POPS’), and nobody is more excited than us that he has returned to the music scene. And what a return it is, with ‘Cool Thing’, being a refreshing, upbeat indie electro number. I love the vocals by Elle Young, and just the way this song brings such happy, and fun vibes to the table. Appropriately titled, this is a cool thing!

Passerine – Free Again

PasserinePasserine has dropped the funkiest, dance/disco track of 2014 so far and its called ‘Free Again’.

If you want to feel weak at the knees, then press the play button on the soundcloud clip below. ‘Free Again’ is like a more exciting version of a Daft Punk single, with Passerine’s vocals exploding into a 70s fuzz fest of suave. I love the dance vibe, the homage to sounds of the past, and the silky production on this number. Simply, this song is cool. That is all.

Wave Racer – Streamers

WRWave Racer have just dropped their latest track ‘Streamers‘ on us, and in short, it rocks.

A track you can chill, dance and cruise to, ‘Streamers’ is one of those rare gems that seems to suit every mood. Bouncy, and fragrantly tropical, its gotta be one of the last tracks to wind out summer and perhaps the last cliched descriptor of THE summer tune. Nonetheless with a huge tour announced, plus GTM, Waveracer will be plentiful on our ears in 2014.

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