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Stolen Violin – Short Cuts to True Love

Jordan Ireland_Stolen Violin_July 2014If you loved The Middle East, and miss their folk style musings, then you will be pleased to hear that lead singer Jordan Ireland has started a solo project called Stolen Violin, and is once again taking it to the road this August.

Having released a elegantly eclectic folk album called ‘Short Cuts to True Love’ last year, there is much to like, as that familiar voice and mystical drowning guitars creates a sound that melts the ears, and is sure to draw many to his impending gigs. It is very similar in sound to The Middle East, but having played such a key role in the creative aspect of that band it is inevitable that some similarities will come through. However, as a huge fan I am more than happy to hear those shared nuances. Check out the tour dates here.

Angus and Julia Stone – A Heartbreak

Angus and JuliaThe third tune for Angus and Julia Stone for the year has been released and its called ‘A Heartbreak’.

After receiving earlier tastes of their impending new album with ‘Death Defying Acts’ and ‘Heart Beats Slow’,  ‘A Heartbreak’ certainly increases the excitement for the release of their record on August 1. Whilst I loved their last couple of records, which seem like an age ago now, their is something about the intensity, heaviness and darkness of their new tracks that just sends my ears into a frenzy. Lyrically, ‘A Heartbreak’ just tells the most incredible of story of ending love, and told in a musical way that merely exaggerates the gravity of the situation. Another great track that really suggests that Rick Rubin has managed to unlock some untapped talent these two have.


The Acefields – Grabbed Me By The Heart


The Acefields are a gorgeous little folk duo out of Brisbane who have just released ‘Grabbed Me By The Heart’.

If their is anything sweeter than a classical call and reply duet, its when its done by a brother and sister combo. This is what makes the Acefields so good, as you can actually hear the emotion and connection the two have come through so clearly in their music. ‘Grabbed Me By The Heard’, is a fun stirring folk tune that is also quite good at grabbing your ears attention.

Pepa Knight – Rahh!

Pepa Knight

‘Rahh!’ is the latest taste of music from the lavishly hippy Pepa Knight.

Pepa Knight is perhaps better known for his indie folk musings in Jinja Safari, and this solo project, characterised by the lovely sitar sounds, definitely draws comparisons. Although not as bouncy, and perhaps more melodic than a Jinja Safari number, ‘Rahh!’ is definitely a warming track on the ears. It is one of those songs that evokes a really happy emotion, and could easily form the soundtrack of a Disney movie. Needless to say, we really dig it, and I imagine it would be difficult to find somebody who doesn’t. Rahhh!

Winterbourne – Steady My Bones


Perhaps the best buskers Pitt St Mall has ever seen in the incredible duo Winterbourne.

Having caught them playing a rare gig with a stage at ‘Name This Bar’ in support of Holy Holy, its safe to say these guys blew me away. Embracing the post-Mumford and Sons folk rock vibes, this twosome just rocked the socks of us and ‘Steady My Bones’ is just one example of many as to why!  Armed with a phenomenally smooth and husky set of vocals and an aptly catchy backing set of folk infused guitar patterns, these two can put on a show. With an EP due out early 2014, expect these guys to be owning your radios in the not to distant future!

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Colourwheel – The Dreamer



Colourwheel is the solo project of Brady Daniell-Smith, whose deep voice and exceptional guitar picking combine on ‘The Dreamer’ to create a generous hearty listen. Emotional, slow moving, but clearly written with some purpose, Brady has built a song that just seems to connect with people. The eruption into rustic earthy beats and that brooding heavy vibe as the song climaxes towards the end, just shows off the talent this guy has, and I really wish it came through earlier. Those who love Dustin Tebbut and who consider themselves in the Bon Iver fanbase should really love this track.


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