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Winterbourne – Steady My Bones


Perhaps the best buskers Pitt St Mall has ever seen in the incredible duo Winterbourne.

Having caught them playing a rare gig with a stage at ‘Name This Bar’ in support of Holy Holy, its safe to say these guys blew me away. Embracing the post-Mumford and Sons folk rock vibes, this twosome just rocked the socks of us and ‘Steady My Bones’ is just one example of many as to why!  Armed with a phenomenally smooth and husky set of vocals and an aptly catchy backing set of folk infused guitar patterns, these two can put on a show. With an EP due out early 2014, expect these guys to be owning your radios in the not to distant future!

Colourwheel – The Dreamer



Colourwheel is the solo project of Brady Daniell-Smith, whose deep voice and exceptional guitar picking combine on ‘The Dreamer’ to create a generous hearty listen. Emotional, slow moving, but clearly written with some purpose, Brady has built a song that just seems to connect with people. The eruption into rustic earthy beats and that brooding heavy vibe as the song climaxes towards the end, just shows off the talent this guy has, and I really wish it came through earlier. Those who love Dustin Tebbut and who consider themselves in the Bon Iver fanbase should really love this track.


Little May – Hide

Little May

Folk-pop threesome Little May have returned with another hauntingly beautiful track called ‘Hide’.

Their delicate and poignant voices create a wonderful centerpiece for the rustic guitar work and tapestry of earthy beats to rise up and melt ears around the country. I really love the eclectic raw percussion in this track, reminding me a little musically of Art of Sleeping or Tully on Tully. With two gorgeous and heartwarming singles under their belt, Little May are really starting to make a name for themselves.


Jae Laffer – Leave A Light On

Jae Laffer

The Panics frontman Jae Laffer has given us the first taste of his debut solo album When The Iron Glows Red with ‘Leave A Light On’. Now don’t stress if you’re a massive Panics fan, the band haven’t broken up. This is just a side project that Laffer can spill all his creative juices into without filter.

Leave a light on is a violin fueled little piece of nostalgia. Sounding far simpler than a Panics record, the track is a jumble of guitar, drums, violin and piano. Held together by Laffers voice, which has lost none of its storytelling sentimentality.

It’s not the kind of track that’s going to explode onto the charts in a big way, but fans of the folk-rock and alternative genres will be lapping it up, and it will definitely get airtime on triple j.

It’s clean, crisp and creative songwriting and hopefully the album, out September 27th, follows suit.

Little May – Boardwalks

Little May

Little May are based out of Sydney and have released a delicsouly cute indie folk tune called ‘Boardwalks‘.

‘Boardwalks’ is a piece of super mellow indie folk music. It has everything you want in a chill out tune, with super sweet and soft vocals, a delectable banjo loop and this whole ultra smooth,slightly upbeat marching climax to the song. Its hard not to enjoy, and given its available for free download, is sure to keep you warm this winter.

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Boy and Bear – Southern Sun [Updated: With Video Clip]


After what seems like an eternity, Boy and Bear have returned with a brand new single called ‘Southern Sun‘.

After being one of the hottest acts in the country two years ago with their breakthrough debut album ‘Moonfire’, Boy and Bear’s latest single is pretty exciting, perhaps only second to the news that their sophomore album ‘Harlequin Dream’ will be out before the end of the year. And there is so much to love about ‘Southern Sun’ with a return of those magical harmonies and Dave Hoskings voice sounding as good as ever. The song kicks straight into one of Boy and Bear’s almost iconic grooving folk rhythms, and then get spiced up by a sexy cascading guitar riff that just lifts this song into the top echelons of indie folk being released in Australia as of late. If going to Splendour wasn’t already exciting, the prospect of seeing a host of new Boy and Bear songs being unveiled is certainly something I cannot wait for.   Needless to say after a couple of listens, we are addicted to ‘Southern Sun’.

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