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The Falls – Let In The Light

falls_photoOne of my favourite Sydney duos, The Falls, are back with an overdue new single called ‘Let In The Light‘.

‘Let In The Light’ shows off Melinda’s fantastic yet sorrowful vocals, and displays a real progression in sound from the classic folk of their ‘Hollywood EP’ into something a bit more substantial with foreceful drums and a dainty string arrangement. I have seen Simon and Melinda perform on countless of occasions and there is definitely something special in the connection they share on stage. ‘Home’ was a personal favourite and I am super excited to hear that the two are out producing new music, announcing that their debut album ‘Omaha’ will be out on October 2nd. 


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Patrick James – Bugs

Patrick JamesIndie folk extraordinaire Patrick James is back with a cool new single called ‘Bugs‘, complete with a pretty fancy music video.

If new Boy and Bear wasn’t enough for indie folk fans to get excited for, that and new Patrick James will surely send fans into raptures. ‘Bugs’ is an epic slow burner, whose minimalist nature really allows the strength of Patrick James vocals to puncture through. The guy has an incredible set of lungs on him and an equal penchant for telling stories, and it’s these two things together that allow ‘Bugs’ to sweep you into the songs inner being and really connect. Complete with an appropriately stylish slow motion video clip, ‘Bugs’ is one of my favourites of 2015.

Four Lions – Twenty Seven

4 LionsFour Lions are (not surprisingly) a four-piece outfit hailing from Bendigo Victoria who have released their new single ‘Twenty Seven’ ahead of their debut album release later this year.

It’s safe to say that Four Lions have a distinct alt-country sound to their music, which I guess is in part inspired by their regional roots. Headed by a strong set of male vocals, and backed by a delicate drawl of acoustic chords, ‘Twenty Seven’ is a real slow burner. It has this ability to capture a feeling of emptiness that really allows you to develop a connection to the track. With their debut album ‘Charring Cross’ due out at the end of September, you won’t have to wait long to get another taste.

Boy and Bear – Walk the Wire

Boy and BearSydney favourite’s Boy and Bear are back with ‘Walk the Wire‘, their first salivating taste of forthcoming LP number three.

‘Walk the Wire’ is much more ‘Moonfire’ than ‘Harlequin Dream’, with a return to the uptempo percussion and pulsing bass riffs that made ‘Feeding Line’ and ‘Milk and Sticks’ such classics. Its also good to hear that Dave Hosking’s vocals are still as pleasant as ever. With the boys announcing that ‘Limit of Love’, their third studio album, will be out October 9th I am excited to hear a lot more from Boy and Bear.


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Lauren Glezer – This Living

Lauren GlezerEvery now and then a song just grabs you. ‘This Living’ by Lauren Glezer is one of these aforementioned songs.

‘This Living’ is the first single of the debut EP ‘Searching For Tall’, and signifies the emergence of a very talented young folkstress. This delicately arranged number is loaded with radiating melodies and heartfelt vocals that melt your ears and leave you feeling all fuzzy inside. Simple and polite, there is a lot to like about the tunes of Lauren Glezer.

Stolen Violin – Short Cuts to True Love

Jordan Ireland_Stolen Violin_July 2014If you loved The Middle East, and miss their folk style musings, then you will be pleased to hear that lead singer Jordan Ireland has started a solo project called Stolen Violin, and is once again taking it to the road this August.

Having released a elegantly eclectic folk album called ‘Short Cuts to True Love’ last year, there is much to like, as that familiar voice and mystical drowning guitars creates a sound that melts the ears, and is sure to draw many to his impending gigs. It is very similar in sound to The Middle East, but having played such a key role in the creative aspect of that band it is inevitable that some similarities will come through. However, as a huge fan I am more than happy to hear those shared nuances. Check out the tour dates here.

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